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uber death

  1. Karl Marx


    I have a terrible experience to tell. While driving south on Erin Mills Parkway 40 years ago a brand new Blue Corvette was in front of me. After a traffic light gave us a green to proceed the Corvette started to accelerate very fast, the young driver lost control and went into the medium and...
  2. Instyle

    Beware illegal stopping with pax enter & exiting

    An Uber driver has been charged over the death of a passenger in Sydney this year. The 30-year-old passenger was hit by a bus and killed in Elizabeth Street in the early hours of Saturday, June 17. Police allege the man got out of the car at a set of traffic lights near Bathurst Street and...
  3. UberfromHell

    is Uber in Canada finished? So many cities have banned it

    I just read that Calgary put a ban on Uber and Edmonton is next. Also this morning read somewhere that in Ontario city of London, Kitchener,Waterloo have put a temporary ban on Uber. Do you think GTA is going to be next?