uber commission

  1. warrior lady

    I Have Been Violated by Uber’s New Math!!

    Saw this tonight on a 1.01 mile trip... BASTARDS TOOK APPROXIMATELY 45% of the TOTAL FARE!!! When did the 20% Uber’s fee become 45%???!!! I am OG so I’m a 20% er.. ( I know it’s not a promising trip at all.. but it’s the principle of it.. Uber violating its drivers.) So this is Basically How...
  2. burgerflipper

    POLL: What was the highest surge Uber charged pax on NYE?

    Decided to check thru my NYE uber trips to see what sort of surge there really was on NYE. This is a different way of looking at things than just calculating Uber's percentage. For example, if you got a ride at 2.5x and Uber took 60%, that means they charged surge pricing of 5.8x. You can find...
  3. Berbero

    Uber is greedy and should drop the commission to under 20%

    Yes, I mean they should drop the commission to under 20pc. We are doing everything and the risks are through the roof, yet, we are not rewarded well enough. GoCatch is taking 15pc commission, why isn't Uber trying to make it fairer to the drivers as well as to the riders? Maybe drop their...
  4. The-one-89

    How long do price cut last?

    this whole price cut thing, is it temp or permanent? In my location it was a 20% price cut. Uber takes 25% so that leave the driver with 55% wtf. If they do price cuts they should also do a cut on their commissions. J hope it doesn't take long to bring prices back up. Hopefully higher then what...
  5. afrojoe824

    New Service Fee update ... 25% fee for riders outside of LA

    Did anyone see and/or acknowledge the new service fee addendum? At the bottom, it says 25% fee charged to those riders activated outside of LA that are accepting rides in LA. So this is both a good and bad news. Good that we LA drivers are eliminating competition from outside markets such as the...