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uber cleveland

  1. N

    Lyft now covering unsavory pick up locations in app

    So recently I have noticed several times I have accepted pings from Lyft where the map was covered up and no address was given until I accepted. This just started happening and ONLY seems to happen when the location is one that most logical drivers would not accept. For example, Walmart. I...
  2. N

    Uber Driver Quarterly Taxes Due September 15

    As a reminder, your estimated taxes as an Uber driver must be filed by September 15th if you have made 400.00 or more from driving. This is not the first time this year you are filing taxes (otherwise it is referred to as tax evasion) so you know that you must pay taxes as an EMPLOYER (social...
  3. Michael - Cleveland

    nevermind - incorrect post: mod: pls delete

    nevermind... I was looking at it too early in the morning