uber cheats drivers

  1. Seattle hustle

    Not getting boost payment?

    Hi, what's up everyone I drive Ubereats sometimes in Seattle area lately I been hustling other apps and didn't drove for uber in few months updated my ins and did 2 trips for $4 each I'm like no way! Anyways this mon I saw 2.2 and 2.5 boost I'm like cool I will rock ubereats but didn't get paid...
  2. Lightmaven

    Incorrect Net Rate

    As if there wasn't enough to have to check, double check with our pay, now this: I have noticed since the upgrade at the end of last month--where they only show our take--that they are taking a larger percentage. Also, they are not paying the correct, or any, boost. Pfft. Another class action...
  3. S

    25% My Ass!

    Today I dropped a rider off at school. Because he was so focused on getting his crutches out of my car, he accidentally left his phone. It was too late before I realized. Anyway, once I realized, I grabbed his phone to see how I could get it back to him, and I noticed his receipt on is screen...
  4. 2Grlzdad

    Missing Pool Payments

    Like many of you, I avoid Pool rides, unless I'm in a high traffic area that offers a high probability of matched Pools. Over the last three weeks, I've had 3 completed Pool rides (all solos) disappear from my Earnings before they were posted - AS IF THEY NEVER HAPPENED? Once or twice might be...
  5. Silent_Philosodriver

    Time to check statements again - UBER is taking more from the Top

    An old but wise advice from the RS guys - time to check your statements: Check it here: http://bit.ly/2iZPTdw He's got screenshots from a few markets and we all have seen these happen with our rides. Here is an excerpt: " Passenger (me) Paid: $19.20 Driver’s payout: $12.65 You can see that...
  6. UberReallySucks

    Things about Uber that make my blood boil

    I just had a 16 miles trip that somehow according to the $ 60 billions software turned into this: And this: More than 3 hours after I emailed LACK of SUPPORT .... still no answer :mad:
  7. Alman

    Stay away from Incentives and Guarantees from uber

    Uber has managed to cheat me out my guarantee for $16hr gurantee..first they said I didn't accept 90% of my requests which is crap cause only missed 1..and the second week of the guarantee they said I didnt complete all my trips..which is BS..because 1 trip was picked up in hartford and drove...