uber cars

  1. M

    buying few cars from LUXOR LIVERY SALES to rent it out

    guy im trying to buy few cars from LUXOR LIVERY SALES and they get me great approvals even i dont have great credit , guys any ideas what it could be good cars to buy to rent it out to uber drivers in NYC , please advice
  2. QLDUberDriver

    Available Uber cars - Screen shot 1pm Brisbane

    At 1pm today i did some quick screen shots of available cars. I made sure there are no double ups of cars that moved. Only saw one or two cars that may have gone offline or accepted a trip. Will post more comparisons of different times as this was somewhat lower than usually driver numbers I've...
  3. J

    Uber Gooooo

  4. U

    UberSELECT | UberX - Profile

    Hey uberrers and lyfters, I just got my UberSELECT uproved and i contacted uber support to create separate profiles for my car UberX only & UberSELECT only. They told me that i cant have uberSELECT alone and i have to do both X & SELECT together. I checked the uber app and i see drivers that...
  5. TitusWe

    What are most popular UberBlack in Los Angeles?

    Hello, I was wondering what are the most popular UberBlack cars in Los Angeles that most people are using nowadays. My area is Koreatown if that matters. Thanks!