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  1. _hopeless

    Rider Compliments: Badges and Extras

    Helloooo again! This is like my third week of driving and I've received like '8 Excellent Service' and '3 Great Conversation' badges and 3 nice compliments which I'm totally stoked asf on. Now I was just curious to see if anyone has received any of the other badges? 'Awesome music, cool car...
  2. _hopeless

    Uber Maps stitching me up

    Hello I'm a noobie, Is it just me or does Uber Maps sometimes send y'all on a wild goose chase and then you get a bad rating from the pax for having bad navigation. I wasn't sure whether to follow my intuition and go the way that I know (whether it's faster or slower), but it was pretty...
  3. V

    Uber bashing Brisbane

  4. QLDUberDriver

    "Uber says drivers are being fined, but (Uber) their not paying up" 7 News Queensland

    Sydney Morning Herald reporter Laura Dymock says in the video link below "Uber says drivers are being fined but their not paying up. The company is telling it's drivers to contest the fines." I unable to put the link in here but Google: Uber attracts more car-less drivers as entrepreneurs buy...
  5. U

    Pulled over outside the treasury on Friday night.

    about 8:30 - got a ping but was unable to collect ride and went around the block. managed to collect the ride and about 50m down the road was pulled over by the police who asked if i was an Uber driver. was told to get out of the vehicle and bring my phone with me. was also told not to shut...

    Uber Brisbane driver partners: does Uber Australia tell you that uberX driving is illegal?

    As at today (October 1st, 2015), there is no state or territory in Australia where driving for uberX is a legal activity. Illegal activities are not 'authorised', they are in fact prohibited. What exactly does Uber Australia tell uberX drivers? Does it tell drivers that uberX is illegal...

    Uber Brisbane driver partners: are you putting yourself at risk driving for uberX?

    Uber Brisbane driver partners: are you putting yourself at risk driving for uberX? Uber Brisbane continues to recruit new drivers for its uberX service. These drivers deserve fair warning as to how Uber operates, and the realities of uberX driving. I suggest prospective drivers browse each...