uber app issue

  1. A

    List of annoying things about Uber new app

    Double tap and hold to zoom in and out is opposite of pax app including google maps. Too many taps in and out to get the info you need. Needs to close x button on every page for fast exit. No surge indicator so now drivers have to continuously scan the entire surrounding areas. When set...
  2. Surgeless in Seattle

    Uber Ride Requests Only Work When Top App

    Here's the deal - if any app but Uber is the top/in use app on my phone - I do not get a ride request. If I am in an Uber ride and using Waze, when I end the ride I get notified of how many rides I missed! Lyft requests come through loud and clear. I've tried everything. Deleting and...
  3. U

    On NYE getting sign in error - Value == null

    Check screenshot. Uber, don't screw with me!
  4. U

    After app update can't see if X or Pool

    Please tell me it is just an error on my app? It doesn't say Uber X anymore. I have taken 2 rides since then so far and although they were X's I am assumingif I get a Poo ping it won't write it as well. Anyone else???