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  1. U

    Your plan to 'wean' from Uber...

    I am at 1110 5 stars but if I had kept at the rate I was when I was still sipping the Kool Aid, i'd be at about 1700 or something. I lost the 'drive' man. I think the psychological part played a bigger role in this than the dwindling profit, ridiculous car wear and tear and the Uber mind...
  2. Uber_Ghost_Car

    GoCatch Aussie alternative

    1. I already drive with another ridesharing company, can I drive with GoCatch too? Absolutely! Plenty of our drivers drive for several platforms, and it’s a great way to earn extra money for the same effort. Driving with GoCatch is a great way to supplement your income and maximise your time...
  3. astoriadriver

    Anyone try out Amazon Flex deliveries?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this out. They advertise that you can expect to make $17-27/hr. I just wanted to see if people have tried this and what can really be made.
  4. J

    Dignity, huh?

    So you think there is dignity in licking feet? What really puzzles me is the question; "What makes people happy talking and complaining so much, but not doing a single thing against?" What's the point of these forums? Talk rubbish all day long? Do you folk have so much time for that? No wonder...
  5. MulletMan


    I've been on this forum for a month now. Dam I wish I had read before I started. SO many mistakes. Now, I have moved into 'rookie' category from 'noober'. I am one of those who is not super bitter at Uber because I started at the low rates AND 25% cut for the man. However, I want to be a...
  6. Drive FARE

    FARE- Launching Soon in Phoenix. Drivers, we are listening!

    FARE is the only "fair" ride option. We are dedicated to offering a fair service for both drivers and riders. With higher payouts-drivers keep up to 90% of fares, the ability to tip, advance scheduling-up to 7 days out, the ability to earn passive income- On top of normal fares, Drivers earn 10%...