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uber agreement

  1. Bob28


    Started researching how much will be profitable driving Uber full time 40 hours per week. Research is based to comply with all ATO rules and regulation. As Uber driver u need to have ABN num and be registered for GST. Pros Be u own boss choice of hours and days to work Cons Uber still...
  2. Manotas

    You're more likely to order a pricey Uber ride if your phone is about to die

    http://www.businessinsider.com/people-with-low-phone-batteries-more-likely-to-accept-uber-surge-pricing-2016-5 Uber can tell when your phone is running out of juice — and it has figured out that a low battery is a strong indicator as to whether you're likely to accept surge pricing. In an...
  3. J

    Dignity, huh?

    So you think there is dignity in licking feet? What really puzzles me is the question; "What makes people happy talking and complaining so much, but not doing a single thing against?" What's the point of these forums? Talk rubbish all day long? Do you folk have so much time for that? No wonder...
  4. K

    My first thread- frustration over new rates, treatment, etc.

    Hello all, First, please don't ding me because I'm a new driver! I got into this because I'd been riding my bicycle for years around the city, and then renting a car over the winter months. After a few years of that, I sat down and added up how much I paid for renting and realized I'd paid for...
  5. Rydx3


    To all my fellow uber drivers cross the US, I think it's time to organize Strikes during main events throughout 2016 to give uber a taste of their own venom. Please pass the word and reach out to all.
  6. JerseyBoy911

    New Uber Agreement Effect on NJ Drivers

    Ok, I know there is a ton of threads on this and they are being consolidated but, this is about us, Jersey drivers. Firstly , I wanted to talk about the impromptu drivers meeting I organized last night in Morristown. I either walked up or drove up on a number of drivers and ask them about the...