uber advice

  1. nick caronn

    Uber Vs. Lyft

    Although the two platforms are close I have found many reasons to primarily drive for Uber. Another big one I forgot to mention is the fact that when you cancel a trip on Uber, they can no longer call you, instantly. On lyft, after you cancel a ride, they can still call you and obviously at that...
  2. W

    Inland Empire Drivers

    Where's the best locations to drive & what times of the day, new here from ATL!
  3. Uber.David

    UberCOMMUTE: Feedback

    I stumbled by UberCommute on a social media site. I'm an Uber driver (3 months) and would like to know what the advantage is for driving UberCommute versus the standard Uber Partner...? Is it designed for the individual that would not want to commit to be an official Uber driver, but might want...
  4. Edman

    I rejected Uber POOL Ping then my App acted strange...What happened?

    Last night I rejected two Pool Ping and my apps started acting up. It seems like people were requesting for rides but I could not accept any rides. Do you know what that is all about? I had 4 other rides requesting for pick up but I was unable to accept it. My apps were acting weird after...
  5. black rhino

    Totally serious. Uber vs. Lyft. $$, treatment. Quick verdict

    Decided against leasing a car through Xchange to drive for uber. Far too much like being locked into a contract,$ 160/week for the car whether you drive/work or not. Too much like rent, or a bill, or ... a lease. Still evaluating ridesharing, and it seems like Lyft leans more toward a balance...
  6. jay_swag-King


    can someone give me some info on how to get into uber black i have the 2015 chev surburban i just dont know what kind of insurance or what else i need? please get back to me with helpful tips for a uberx driver crossing into BLACK?
  7. RideshareSecrets

    Drivers with over 1k Rides

    Hello Uber People, I’m doing an expert roundup on my site and I think many Rideshare drivers would love to know your answer to this question: What are 3 valuable tips to be a successful rideshare driver? Thanks in advance! Oh and naturally, I’ll include a link back you. Please message me...
  8. Bob28


    Started researching how much will be profitable driving Uber full time 40 hours per week. Research is based to comply with all ATO rules and regulation. As Uber driver u need to have ABN num and be registered for GST. Pros Be u own boss choice of hours and days to work Cons Uber still...
  9. L

    How much can I make driving in NYC

    How much can I make in NYC driving for uber i know I will have to rent a car spoke to a few friends of mines they said they can get me a c300 Avalon or a highlander for about 380-477 a week so I would like to know if I was to work m-f maybe even the weekends how much can I take home after a 8 or...
  10. D Town

    "Gut Feelings"

    I was listening to a story from BBC Trending titled "Does Airbnb Have a Race Problem?" and something that was said at the end struck a cord with me. I posted the pertinent sections here. I see it so many times here. “Trust your gut, trust your gut.” It’s repeated like a mantra and treated...
  11. TurboBetty

    Newbie looking for some tip from the Pros!

    Hey guys! Desperate for some advise here! I'm starting my driving this week in my UberSelect car and wanted to know where to start.... Should I take a drive to DIA or start in the burbs where I live? Downtown? Also, I won't be working past 10pm, but could start as early as 7 most days... What...
  12. J

    Dignity, huh?

    So you think there is dignity in licking feet? What really puzzles me is the question; "What makes people happy talking and complaining so much, but not doing a single thing against?" What's the point of these forums? Talk rubbish all day long? Do you folk have so much time for that? No wonder...
  13. bmoses

    Uber = Cab Charge = monopoly

    Soon Uber will up their drivers commission up to 25% and drop their rates for the riders. This is exactly what they did with Uber Black. Uber Black 25% Uber SUV & LUX 28% With the industry being deregulated who will look after our interests?? Good times now how about when ride share becomes...
  14. MulletMan


    I've been on this forum for a month now. Dam I wish I had read before I started. SO many mistakes. Now, I have moved into 'rookie' category from 'noober'. I am one of those who is not super bitter at Uber because I started at the low rates AND 25% cut for the man. However, I want to be a...
  15. UberMeansSuper

    What's the Uber Text Service Saved Under in Your Phone?

    If your market offers "advice" texts, do you have it saved under your contacts? What's yours saved under? Here's mine.