uber abuses its drivers

  1. Nina2

    Uber and Lyft drivers accuse companies of holding up unemployment benefits

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/uber-lyft-drivers-gig-economy-unemployment-benefits/ Nearly a month after the CARES Act expanded jobless aid to include gig workers, drivers for Lyft and Uber sidelined by the coronavirus-related economic shutdown are accusing the ride-share companies of holding up...
  2. Dhr94080

    Ride share drivers fed up!

    It was just a matter of time!!! Glad I got away from Uber and Lyft. Never felt better!!!!! https://chicago.suntimes.com/business/uber-lyft-drivers-rally-city-council-budget-hearing-wages-ride-hailing/
  3. W

    Uber Driver abuse by Uber

    Have lost my Uber account because a rider claimed inappropriate behaviour. When I called the Uber number, wanting to know more details as requested by our solicitor I was told we had to write by email to their special department who deals with these things. I have been advised to take further...
  4. Cynergie

    Uber’s New Training Wheels: Testing Bike Sharing in San Francisco

    Per NYT as of yesterday, Uber is now exploring the new market of bike sharing in green, bike friendly SF: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/31/technology/uber-bike-sharing-san-francisco.html?rref=collection/sectioncollection/corrections Has Uber finally jumped the shark in its market PR stunts...
  5. My Silence Is Unique

    Can any one recommend a good layer against Uber

    I just notic a major glitch that as drivers we don’t pay attention but more than a glitch this is done on purpose by Uber meaning when ever they giv promotions to riders they don’t take the lost we do today I notice a big cut on some pools rides I did normally would be like 35 - 40 dollars 3...
  6. D

    Follow up on Uber cheating drivers and riders at DFW on fares

    So like the rest of you I thought the last poster that created the aptly named thread was crazy and ignored her/the post after reading it. And then it happened to me.... Picked up a lady at DFW coming home after business travel. She came in around 5 p.m. on American so it was a terminal C...
  7. Uberdriver_Orlando

    1.6 surge cap AGAIN, YOU ARE SO SPECIAL!!!

    WTF!!!!!!!!!! What is your (F) ucking problem UBER?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who decides to cap the surge? Why do you (F) uck with Orlando drivers so much? Surged several times last night and not once did it pas 1.6 ( in Orlando)_
  8. L

    How to Participate in change

    hi guys, So in order to change uber and lyft pay scale we have to put pressure on our local elected officials. So bright and early I want you to find out who the president of your states Public Utility Commission is and give him a call. Be very polite and simply ask what steps are being taken to...
  9. Demetrious M Latham

    Cancellation fees

    Heres the scenerio, Just getting off work from a armored carrier company still in full uniform (coat,shirt,badge,pants) it was raining and within 3 mins i got a req downtown they cancelled got another immediately after also 3mins i get there in 3mins i sit there for 2mins so i call the rider...
  10. Cynergie

    Trump Economics, Your 2 cents Weigh In On This (Most Cynical) Observation Please....

    Hunter420: IMO because you're an Uber driver DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN'T BE LEGALLY ONBOARDED WITH LYFT---AND "FORGET" TO POST THEIR BRAND OR GREEN TNC LICENSE ON YOUR POV. This would allow such "pure" Uber drivers to profit from picking up Lyft customers for personal gain OUTSIDE of BOTH platforms...
  11. RUSSREED2.0


    So, we all know quest are evil. However, do you think Ubee folks are throwing random dart boards and picking number????!! Because some of the QUEST are just ridiculous...:p:p:po_Oo_O
  12. UberSchmuber

    New & Improved Uber Nav update. Yea?

    Just got the email about how Uber Navigation is SO much better and even more convenient!! Since they have changed every other thing on the app to make it worse, i.e. address (gone or disappearing), map (gone or disappearing), profits (gone or disappearing), why shouldn't I trust them to do this...
  13. U

    Uber exec for x rates

    So here's one for all you having a dig at drivers with exec cars on uber x... I received an email a couple of months ago prompting me I would soon be legible as an exec member providing me with info about what car would be needed and so on.. so I gave notice on my current car and got myself an e...
  14. Alemix

    Class Action Lawsuit coming up against UBER

    Hello people, I recently met up with a lawyer over the possibility of starting a class action lawsuit against UBER. The reason is all the underpaid trips which I'm sure each and any of you drivers have been recently experiencing. The explanations given bu Uber Support are simply ridiculous. A...
  15. L

    Looking for Florida Drivers who were Screwed over with the Leasing Program

    I leased a car thru Uber's Xchange Leasing Program. They never sent a hard tag, Let the car sit for 5 weeks, then repossessed the car and tried to charge me outrageous money to redeem it. Fast Forward 5 months, My son and I are homeless because I couldn't pay my rent and got evicted. Their...
  16. SchaefferChauffeur

    App based Drivers Association in Phoenix?

    I noticed alot of pissed off Lyft and Uber drivers on this forum and I noticed that in California and Washington they formed the App Based Drivers Association to counteract Uber and Lyft attempt to drive down per mile dollars and uber refusal to adopt a tip function on the app. Has there been or...
  17. OlDirtySapper

    No Surge during winter weater advisory and traffic collision alert....

    NO SURGE NO RIDE. If you drive in shit like this for less than a dollar a mile you will get whats coming to you. Seriously the whole region should be at least 3x. @@@@ you Uber @@@@ YOU.
  18. RUSSREED2.0


    Hi studs, babes, pigs, chickens, ducks, lords, burrito makers and Bluetooths. I found a neat trick Uber is doing with pool. Once you accept the first one, GAME OVER, you are stuck in the line for good. I picked up a POO, look it was slow, and after my first PING, they just kept coming. I...
  19. Karl Marx

    Nothing says 'Merica like Budweiser&Turkey. Combining the two: Your next Pax.

    Greatest American to drunkenly stumble out of the kitchen.
  20. Robertbob

    Xchange Leasing Program

    this xchange lease program is aweful. 680 a month (170 per week) plus over 100 dollars for insurance plus taxes ... I don't know who does this for two years and then buys a car they run into the ground ... then opts to buy the car with a shit ton of miles for 5,000 dollars after that ... but...