turbo tax

  1. Older Chauffeur

    TurboTax and Schedule C

    As in past years, Intuit offers everything you need as an independent contractor in the CD version of TurboTax Deluxe. (currently available at Costco for $39.86, including one state return) But if you go with their online filing, you have to upgrade to the Self Employment version for an extra...
  2. Retired Senior

    Turbo Tax Self Employed Tax Over-View for Uber Drivers

    This should help people new to 1099's get started... and help to instruct them on what they need to document during this year.... TurboTax / Tax Calculators & Tips / All Tax Guides / Self-Employment Taxes / Tax Tips for Uber Drivers: Understanding Your Taxes Tax Tips for Uber Drivers...
  3. Yomann

    Tips & discussions for filing 2016 Tax Returns

    Was checking my Driver Dashboard today and noticed that Uber has already posted a preliminary summary of our 1099-K and 1099-MISC tax forms ! This will be my third year filing my own (Uber related) tax returns, and I use TurboTax Home & Business Edition ,which includes Schedule C forms. So, I...
  4. A

    Turbo Tax: Business vs Actual expenses

    Greetings! As drivers, if we choose to use the "Standard Mileage Rate" as the form of deduction. Are we able to write off our "Business Expenses" (I don't mean Actual Expenses). Business Expenses would include gas, cell phone bill, Lyft commission and repairs? I only ask because I chose the...
  5. cleansafepolite

    turbo tax...what the heck?

    going through turbo tax, everything is honky dory..w2s cool...then theres 1099k..turbo say oddly in the same voice as uber"great news..you dont have to file 1099k just list it under personal income..and expenses!!!"..im thinking wow i love you turbo tax. i start navigating and selecting...