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  1. Drivingthecattlehome

    TSC sent this letter

    Pretty sure the blockewoman and pal on laptop at airport sent this too me after not wanting to have a conversation with her...lol Your thoughts and good advice appreciated.
  2. That Uber Dood

    TSC sightings

    Last night 3 man team Qantas departures approx 5pm - observing dropoffs for visible app. Today 2 man team Footscray station approx 11:30am requested ride using Ming pseudonym
  3. M

    TSC at the airport yesterday

    Anyone that went to Tullamarine yesterday see the five TSC cars there. looked like they were fining Uber X drivers??
  4. UberX.illegal?

    Legal Blow to Uber in national test case.

    Read more here. http://www.afr.com/technology/uber-driver-not-entrapped-court-rules-20150925-gjv0v5