1. Suism

    Month of July Spreadsheet

    Hey Guys, Since I thought I'd take tracking my income more seriously, I figured some of you may also be interested. Therefore I created a simple spreadsheet where you can put in your daily earnings, tolls, tips and gas to see both your gross profit and net profit. I didn't include...
  2. DollarFree

    Lyft is no better than Uber (duh)

    Finally, the polish is coming off the turd. Lyft is no better than Uber Ahead of its initial public offering, Lyft is done playing nice. Lyft and competitor Juno each filed lawsuits against New York...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber Has No Damn Business Testing Self-Driving Cars Article tells like it is, straight and to the point.
  4. MoreTips

    Drivers real wages.

    This is a short read that the executives at Uber will try to bury, while anyone considering driving for Uber should read. There's even a bit of advice for the riders.
  5. R

    Lyft takes 46% before their lyft fee

    It is unfair that they do not show you what the customer gets charged. Then the take a Lyft fee on top of the 46% that we do not know about. We need to know the truth on all rides!
  6. Dawid Smreczak

    Interview with UBER CS rep - The Truth

    Guys, found this thread. Thought you might want to read this. It's very interesting how UBER treats their own people.
  7. JaxBeachDriver

    Stop Telling Me How To Post

    With regard to the people who post threads such as "Please stop posting negative" and "For all the complainers..." and the like, I have this to say: stop telling me how to post. Stop complaining about complaining. If you don't want to hear facts (or, as you like to call them, "complaining" or...