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  1. S

    Car Seat Protector/Cover

    Hey all the drivers, Have you thought about getting seat protector/cover for you car? Or at least, trunk protector/cover? There are so many scratches on my car! If I have the seat cover, would that affect my rating? I want to hear your thoughts. If you already got the seat cover, where did...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber prankster apologises for costly dead body hoax

    https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/08/01/16/35/uber-driver-prank-body-man-assisting-police-warning One of the pranksters behind an Uber murder hoax that sparked a $30,000 police investigation in Brisbane earlier this week has apologised for his actions, saying he "didn't plan for it to...
  3. B


    Last night I turn on app around 5. First pickup is a guy Roberto or something in Newton going to South End. On the sidewalk he has a table saw (wrapped in plastic), a compressor, bag of dirty clothes and 2 vinyl bags of wood stains and assorted junk. I let him load the trunk, begrudgingly. We...
  4. T

    New to uber, norcal, Sac region

    New driver in town. Sac region, primarily. My initial questions: * Any safety tips for ubering as a woman? * My trunk is crowded. Do people often ask to use the trunk, i.e., for luggage?
  5. Fauxknight

    I think this one pretty much speaks for itself.

    Uber wanted me to pull this for now...