1. rkalvin


    My 2009 Chevrolet Silverado was stolen 7/12/19 from the Keith Family YMCA at 8100 Old Mallard Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262 . I would provide a generous reward to anyone with any info regarding it. Thank you. I have attached (2) pictures of the vehicle.
  2. P

    Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Uber X?

    I am totally new, just signed up to drive. I have tons of questions, but here one. I have a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab (seats 6, including driver). I am listed as Uber X. My questions is shouldn't I qualify as an Uber XL? I called support and that said that they would have to look to see if it is...
  3. Lissetti

    Oxymoronic Experiences

    I'll start. I've mentioned here before that I used to drive Semi Trucks. Here's my latest beast : One night when I arrived at the PepsiCo Warehouse to drop off a load of cereal, the dock man and I became aware of a load shift inside the truck. The manager came over and started taking...
  4. RightTurnOnRed

    Breaking News...EWR rideshare lot Food Truck

    Food truck has been relocated. The food truck now sits next to the Porta Potty in case drivers develop a case of Mudd Butt after eating.
  5. Gone_in_60_seconds

    F-150 back at the shitter again???

    In my visit to the shittter, saw the infamous F-150 4X4 king cab pick up truck back. This guy is as persistent as a car salesman trying to complete his sales quota before the end of quarterly period. 3 Questions came to mind: 1) How do you make money from a vehicle that gets 8 mpg or 15...
  6. Vanstaal

    No they didn't!

  7. F

    NYC Love Snitches

    They'll even pay you.
  8. SEAMT

    Uber Self-Driving Trucks are Now Moving Cargo for Uber Freight Customer

    Uber Self-Driving Trucks are Now Moving Cargo for Uber Freight Customers Article by TechCrunch, author Darrell Etherington Uber’s autonomous trucks are now doing actual work for customers via Uber Freight, Uber’s commercial cargo shipping on-demand app. The first runs are being done in...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Uber Driver Says He Was Struck by Plane That Crashed on 405 Freeway An Uber driver said his pickup truck was struck by a small plane that crashed on the 405 Freeway in Orange County on Friday. Uber driver Blackstone Hamilton looks at his damaged truck after a...
  10. Donkey

    Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck

    Is anyone out there running a Honda Ridgline wannabe pickup truck on UberX?
  11. Mark Johnson

    Why are people doing Uber in a Truck??

    I was shocked the other day to see the Uber logo outside what looked like a 2010+ Chevy Silverado (it had four doors). With the rates being as low as they are in my city ($0.75/mile), I can't figure out why this would be a profitable venture. Last I checked, you can't get a truck via the...
  12. J

    Hi new here

    Hello, I'm thinking of driving for Uber. I live on the beach in St Pete, Fl. only reason I'm considering uber etc is to pay for a truck I'm planning on buying. It'll be a full size pickup. I'll need $6-700 a month to cover the payment, insurance, and uber gas. Thank you.
  13. UberHedgehog

    Postmates Question about Vehicle Types

    So Postmates now has an area where you can change your Vehicle Type through the app (Account > Vehicle Selection > Choose your Vehicle ) For me, it give me many options. I know the info about bikes, but nothing concerning the difference between Car, Truck, Van. Is there any advantage or...
  14. Rolv Heggenhougen

    Just started driend

    I have recently started a company called driend which is the first ever friend based ride service. I am not here to promote but rather to learn from drivers so that I can fine tune our concept.
  15. Tx_female_Uber

    Anyone drive a truck?

    I drive a Suzuki Equator, a 4-door truck that I'm authorized to drive by Uber. Some ppl act surprised about an Uber truck, but most are nice. I had a rude comment from a rider today, implying I had "tricked the system" and doesn't know why Uber would allow me to drive people in a truck. Anyone...