1. glenga75

    UBER:Stop putting a cap to earnings please!

    To whom it may concern. Please stick to your old program to open radar and not controlling our earnings. It is not right for hard working drivers to be loosing time and money just because of the existing cap on earnings programmed from Uber. Many times during the day I notice cars coming to...
  2. T

    Anyone else getting trolled by belligerent paxs

    About two weeks ago my rating dropped about 0.05 with 2 1-star ratings and 1 2-star rating. I put in about 70 rides a week, my 5 star ratings are stuck at 481 since last month. The few occasions I knew pax was giving 1 star for sure, it popped right after the ride. Is your rating count frozen or...
  3. Vanstaal

    The trolls are here!

    They are here! In every shape and color! Looks like they need to replenish the dudes dropping out on March 1st.
  4. Frank Underwood

    Paid Uber trolls on this forum now

    This is a serious post. Look, I'm all for us coming on here chatting and exchanging ideas/venting and just chatting. We do not need to all agree on everything. I have noticed that there has been a recent surge in 'new accounts' on this forum all with a pro-Uber bias. I'm a Trump troll on twitter...
  5. G

    Trolls in this uber forum

    Hey guys, If you are a driver and are trying to make a discussion but cant because of trolls: Forum troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community. Trolls also...
  6. Shimrod

    Help clear out the Taxi trolls!

    Tired of the same old lies being trotted out by the Taxi-trolls and their Sock-puppet minions? This is an UBER forum - not their private stamping ground to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Cheers!