1. K

    Nobody wants their lost items??

    So about 2 months ago, I checked my trunk after a day of Ubering and it’s a black brief. Inside are 2 new Samsung tablets. I can’t pinpoint them to a rider so all I do is contact support about it and the tell me they will get in touch when something comes up. It’s now June and still no response...
  2. G

    Is it safe to work in the Bronx or Harlem?

    Sometimes I take trips to Harlem, the Bronx and East New York, and I continue working there. So far I have not had any issues. Have you ever been mugged there? Have you had other problems in those neighborhoods?
  3. Piloto

    Uber sometimes charge rider the airport fee

    Yesterday I picked a rider up from Logan Airport and Uber didn’t charge the passenger the airport fee, airport fee is 3.25 for every trip from the airport.
  4. N

    What to do when your passenger refuses to wear a seatbelt?

    I had a passenger today for a scheduled airport ride who refused to wear a seatbelt. At the beginning of the trip I asked him to fasten it, which he did. However 2 minutes later I heard it softly unclick and he un-belted himself. I then ask again, "Could you fasten the seatbelt? I have an alert...
  5. Beepbeep41

    Always NO#1 in Airport Que

    I pick up passenger, they going to city :-( I was hoping for Gold Coast. Never mind me still a winner!. I driving along Airport Drive and turn phone off and say to passenger “my phone die, oh no, but I remember address it all ok” so I drop passenger off in city then off I go back to airport but...
  6. I

    Got trip this morning..

    I got this trip and I thought pessenger would go to jfk but I ended up in Long Island. Then I did not get any ping from Long Island. I had to come back empty hands. I made $97.68-13.5-5 including tolls.
  7. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Any one get a LONG Trip Notification (+40 mins) on Uber Pool or LYFT line?

    Has anyone get a LONG Trip Notification (+40 mins) on Uber Pool or LYFT line? I only got it once. Was the Pool/Line lucrative at all, as you are picking up additional passengers on a long trip?
  8. UberPotomac

    No “ Consecutive trip bonuses” this week?

    No bonuses other that terrible boost?
  9. J

    Annoying thing about Uber/Lyft dual drivers?

    So I have a semester to complete a project of my liking, in my interactive media production class. I chose an app that force closes Uber/Lyft from the status bar at the top when you drag it down, or a widget on the home screen that you can click to close what ever apps you choose, basically a 1...
  10. CanadianUberMan

    The Wrong Rider Took This Trip, Uh-Oh!

    I received a request at the mall late at night around 1:30 a.m. I saw one person only waiting for a ride and he approached my vehicle so I didn't think to ask him for his name. As the ride continued things got confusing when he told me take a turn where the GPS said to continue going straight...
  11. HiDuuken

    Is this a scam or worse???

    Pax wants me to drive to Palm Beach and come back without him in the car (2 stop ride). Then he wants me to give him Fifty dollars and in return he gives me Fifty dollar tip. Sounds fishy. What do you guys think? I'm trying to see my blind spots.
  12. HiDuuken

    Is this a scan or worse???

    Pax wants me to drive to Palm Beach and come back without him in the car (2 stop ride). Then he wants me to give him Fifty dollars and in return he gives me Fifty dollar tip. Sounds fishy. What do you guys think?
  13. looking4him

    Looking for him!

    I really need help finding someone! On April 22nd two men were picked up in Ft. Myers and taken to a dive bar in Alva called LJ's. One man was kinda short and the other was rather tall and big. They were picked up from LJ's around 12:30am and taken back to the place they were staying at...
  14. JerryGfan

    Uber's "Long Trip" Designation

    I got a request today that had something new. Right above the riders name and star rating were the words, "Long Trip." Sure enough, he was going 245 miles away. I had to decline it unfortunately but it got me wondering...How long does a trip have to be before Uber considers it long? Has anyone...
  15. mr. mean gene

    Passenger Cancels Trip Issue

    Drive should have the option to cancel the trip as well. Not just the passenger. If the passenger cancels the trip on their app while riding with the driver, the app should alert the driver on their phone the option if he/she wants to cancel the trip on their phone before they arrive to their...
  16. Uber::)A

    On Trip Ride Requests: Helpful or Uber Scam?

    Should you accept on trip ride requests or is it just another one of Uber's dirty scheemes to screw you out of a deserved Surge. Let's say your on a trip dropping someone off in an area that's surging. You don't know that it's surging cause your on a trip. Beep Beep Beep you get that annoying...
  17. Zap

    What's your most memorable St. Patrick's Day Weekend Trip?

    Good, bad, funny or sad, what was your most memorable trip for the holiday Weekend? I was honored to provide transportation service for Mr. O'Brian, Consul General of Ireland, in town to kick off the Chicago St. Patrick's Day festivities. What's the odds, huh? Nice fellow, great chat!
  18. T

    Why are my Lyft earning not showing up?

    So it all started yesterday I had a trip that was 130 miles long in a prime time. Did the trip and after i was done it didn't show a total all it had on the screen was the rating for the passenger. Until now it still says $0 in progress and every trip I did after that is coming up in my earnings...
  19. V@l

    Trip processing

    In the last few days the trip processing takes forever do you guys have the same problem or I'm the only one.
  20. Zap

    Trip Incentive 01/13 to 01/16

    $55 for 55 trips. Better this time but there's a lot of room for improvement.