trip history

  1. Marco Solo

    Fuber's new safety rollout will conceal pickup & dropoff addresses in trip history

    From Associated Press: "Going forward, Uber will conceal specific pickup and drop-off addresses in the driver’s trip history so that only the general area where a trip has started and ended will show up on the driver’s app, not the address."...
  2. D

    Cancelled Rides not showing up on history unable to claim

    I noticed trips cancelled are not showing up on the trip history, and now I am unable to claim a fare on them, like today an idiot pax gave me wrong address drove around the block for 5 minutes, only to be told later it was not near the shopping centre.
  3. Midimacman

    How many trips this week?

    Me........78 trips. Just over the 75 mark needed to grab that 20 percent bonus! Most trips were on the Uber x platform, but there were a handful of uber select rides mixed in. What about you?
  4. C

    Wrong Fare estimate. What do I do???

    Last night around 2am in Myrtle Beach there was 4.9 surge. Knowing that riders were most likely at broadway at the beach that's where I was headed. About 8 miles out I get a ping to pick up a rider about a mile away from me. Upon contacting the PAX, there actual location was Broadway at the...
  5. A

    Amount Charged to Rider Changes from "Trip History" to "Earnings"

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone has caught this? 40% of my earnings taken out of my rides, instead of the 25% I'd originally agreed to? There are differences in the amounts charged to the clients in my App in two different places. Under the Trip History Tab, the actual amount they were charged...