1. Joeyspps

    Tricks for free food?

    I have been doing Uber eats as a driver for about a month now. Sometimes I get lost and can’t find the apartment or they take long to buzz me in. Are there any tricks to get to keep the food? Sometimes the customer contacts me saying they gave me the wrong address. And I tell Uber support that...
  2. nick caronn

    Are you making the most out of each trip?

    What's up everyone! I have had a long 4 year journey on Uber, I'm sharing this in hopes to save someone a lot of time! I wish I had done these things from day 1.
  3. Maven

    Lyft Line Tips, POLL

    Please answer the POLL if you have done Lyft Line, regardless how you feel about Lyft Line. How do tips received doing Lyft Line compare to other Lyft trips? Most drivers feel about the same about Lyft Line as they do about uberPOOL, general negative. Please reply if At the end of a day, you...
  4. E

    How to make ASAP funds

    Hi Everyone, I'm in a situation now where I need to make money fast. I should be getting paid Thursday, but after that, need to make as much as possibile to pay a bill by Friday. I have just set up Instant Pay, and I'm wondering if anyone has advice on the best way to use Instant Pay to both...
  5. autopilot

    The Ultimate Guide for Uber Strategies

  6. Edman

    Uber Tricks?2.6 surge at the ATL Airport on a snowy morning.

    2.2-2.6 Surge for HOURS at the ATL Airport on a snowy Saturday morning. It was odd because surge map was lit up for the Airport area. But no ride requests were coming from the airport terminal. However, all requests were 20 min to 25 min outside of the airport. There were 10-15 Uber drivers...
  7. SMH Uber

    Promotions Scam: Setting me up to Fail.

    I had a 55 for $105. It was hard to get pings in the busiest of areas. I sat in river north on top of ppl waiting for rides to see other Uber's with cars like mine (so it had to be uberX ) getting the pings. It happened all week, especially today (3 times - twice in the burbs) when I had to...
  8. goldenstate415

    Do you think navigation can help get more pings?

    This is open-ended because I know people are always talking about how to work "smarter", be more "efficient", and game surging... I know its all possible but also what if you just sit and wait, is that good too? Seems like sometimes there can be overthinking that might be more harmful than...
  9. 0to100

    Since I started doing this...

    Hi Everyone! New to the forums but I've been lurking for some time 0.o Ever since I started putting 1's and 5's in my cup holders, my tips have went up like crazy. So put some fake tip money in there and watch it grow!
  10. U

    $6000 in one week

    I just made $6000 and it's not even Friday night. I'm willing to tell people the secret in order to make guarenteed money Now that stargate hotels have a contract with Uber, the doorman can create a high demand with the master app. Tip one of these guys $100 and they will make sure the surge...
  11. ninja warrior

    Tips and tricks to make $2.5k/week in NYC

    Hello and welcome. I am here to assist all of you new drivers, the ones with the U glow light, in making money like you've never seen before. I will offer tutorials which will vary from strategy, hot areas, decision making, peeing,routing and more. I will give you insider scoop like no other...
  12. Scottie Boy

    Tips and Tricks

    I know everyone is angry about the new rate decreases and rideshare insurance stuff, so I wanted to share some of the best tricks and tips i've learned over the past 6 months driving for Uber.... 1. One of the most commonly asked questions from my out of town male passengers is "where is the...
  13. Tenzo

    A n00bs guide to making $18/hr

    I don't know if $18/hr is good or not. But I've been able to increase my hourly rate by picking advice from a few threads. Here are a few tips I've picked up. UPDATE 3/15/16 I'm making $25 - $28 an hour and my rating is 4.97 1. Get the right setup. 1) Phone (duh) 2) Phone mount on top of...
  14. Vick A

    Research on Uber Algorithm

    I have been researching the Uber and Lyft apps lately, I have found some tips and tricks you can use. 1) If it’s 1:50 a.m. and there’s no surge, log out and wait 15 minutes. Then log back in. Uber's app gets frozen sometimes during the peek hours. 2) If you must chase surge fares, log out...
  15. Phia Bennin

    Tricks to get 5 stars

    Hi there, I work for a podcast called Reply All and I'm curious about tools or tricks people use to get 5 star ratings. Like, does it matter how clean the car is? Do you keep certain chargers in the vehicle? I am hoping to get to talk to some drivers. If you are up for chatting, please message...
  16. Christian Navejar

    Uber New Surge System/ Glitch

    So there's a new method uber is using for surge areas. I'm super confused because just about a week ago I posted how uber changed its surge Boundraries. Well now it's implementing a new system similar to lyft. Now uber is tricking the shit out of drivers by hiding this from us, but I caugth up...

    New Partner App in CT

    Uber officially announced the new partner app will be available in the next few days in CT. I spoke to another driver today already using the app. The heat map hasn't changed yet. I don't have the new app, but just curious to see how many people have it in CT and when they got it. Please...