1. anteetr

    She got em

    So I had a good morning. I had a long ride to EWR at 2X and immediately got a ride right back where I came from. Being in the good mood I was in, I decided to do some charity rides on my way home to PA. The first two short hops went well. Then I get into Trenton. I was gonna camp at the train...
  2. JerseyBoy911

    Another Bill being voted on in Trenton

    This time its the Senate and it's the Pro-Uber bill. If you have a mind-numbing knack for reading bills, here it is: The bill is pretty much the same as the Assembly bill with one key difference... No fingerprints required! Uber has...
  3. T

    Who was at the NJ assembly meeting today?

    Been following this forum for a while, been a driver for a while.. & finally made an account. Who was in Trenton today with me?!
  4. FlyersFan91

    When & where to drive in Philly?

    I'm sitting here in the northeast (off Rt 63) at 6:30 pm and haven't gotten a ping yet in the 20 minutes I've been here. Thought there would be a higher demand in this area...
  5. FlyersFan91

    Best places to pick up around Philadelphia?

    Hi, I'm a new driver from right outside of Philadelphia, and I'm looking to find out what towns have the highest Uber demand outside the city. I don't want to go into the city because UberX is still illegal there and they still (as far as I know) run sting operations to take down UberX drivers...