1. 2CV750CC

    FREE Hot Dog in Pasadena today

    ok ladies and gentlemen if you end up in the area treat yourself to a free hot dog Dog Haus is offering a free Haus Dog to every customer today to celebrate a milestone — the opening of its 20th store — by paying homage to its very first store, located at 105 N. Hill Avenue in Pasadena. The...
  2. 2CV750CC

    here is something for fun in case you all need a break and if you are near Burbank,CA

    they are celebrating 70 years at Baskin Robbins The specials of the afternoon include 31-cent scoops, root beer floats for $1.31, and classic banana splits for $3.31. Plus 31 percent off ice cream cakes. Colorful ice cream parlor chain known for its many flavors plus sorbet & yogurt. Address...
  3. Dawid Smreczak

    Interview with UBER CS rep - The Truth

    Guys, found this thread. Thought you might want to read this. It's very interesting how UBER treats their own people.