treasure coast fl

  1. Kingsnook

    Why is it so slow?

    I've noticed a huge decline in West Palm and the Treasure Coast Area in the past few weeks. IveI been driving since May and part time, I was making decent money. July hit and I am lucky if I can make $60 in a week. Tonight, I spend 7 hours online for $355. I have tried different areas. I am at a...
  2. M

    Any strange rides in the Treasure Coast, FL?

    Rider requests XL pick up 5 mins out at a local pub Sun eve 6:30 pm. While en-route pax calls and wondering why I'm taking so long, "Dude, you like coming from a different state?" I tell him I'm less than 3 min away. Sends me a text, "Str8 up B*tch" Cancel and turn the app off and go home. Rider...