1. Yam Digger

    Travis Is Selling His Shares

    If the founder doesn’t seem to have much faith in the future of the company he started, should anyone else?
  2. SurgeMasterMN

    ? Should Travis Kalanick Come Back as CEO? ?

    What does everyone think. If Travis came back as CEO and recognized the company took the wrong direction and he was going to make it right for drivers again. Would you give him a shot to make it right?
  3. BurgerTiime

    Travis Kalanick has bought back Uber and fired the entire board

    Full story: Breaking News! Travis has not been siting around playing Floppy Bird and Nintendo Wii, he has crafted his next move in epic fashion. Former CEO Travis Kalanick sold his remaining shares valued at $2.5 billion and rebought...
  4. MHR

    How One Email Got TK Booted From Uber

    How a harshly-worded email from Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake convinced Uber investor Bill Gurley to push Travis Kalanick out Bill Gurley REUTERS/Mike Blake Uber's spectacular meltdown in 2017 pitted two legendary tech personalities against each other. Business Insider has the inside story of...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Uber's new CEO throws Travis under the bus

    'Moral compass' was off at Uber under co-founder Kalanick, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi took predecessor and co-founder Travis Kalanick to task on Tuesday for leading the ride-hailing giant...
  6. Mista T

    TK a billionaire, Benchmark is profitable, and some Uber stats

    TK dumps $1.4 billion of his holdings at the lowered price, he would have sold more except they WOULD NOT LET HIM. Benchmark sells $900 million, which means they probably got all their investment out and THEN some. They are now the 2nd largest shareholder in Uber-Titanic. But even if the ship...
  7. Mista T

    Criminal investigation of TK?

    Am I reading that correctly? This Waymo lawsuit may end up seeing TK doing jail time for withholding evidence.
  8. BurgerTiime

    Ex-Uber boss Travis Kalanick visited London to launch UberPool and emails show he angered regulators
  9. Mista T

    Travis getting what he deserves

    Travis/Uber lies to pax, the public, society at large, gets away with it, over and over. "Your safety is our highest concern." "Tips are included." and so on... Lies to drivers, gets away with it, over and over. False claims of income potential. "Lower prices means more income." "We got your...
  10. BurgerTiime

    Uber Lines Up Four Investors, Could raise $1-$10 billion! Uber Lines Up Four Investors, But a Deal Hangs on Boardroom Battle Bloomberg By Eric Newcomer August 15, 2017 Uber Technologies Inc. is in exclusive talks to line up funding from...
  11. PTUber

    Latest Travis News

    Ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is being sued for fraud by one of the biggest names in venture capital, reports Axios. Benchmark Capital, one of Uber's earliest investors, says Kalanick wants to “pack Uber’s Board with loyal allies” to “clear the path for his eventual return as CEO.” If the suit...
  12. LowIQCrazyMika

    Travis is being sued for fraud by an early Uber
  13. D

    TK out permanently

    I briefly caught a headline yesterday saying a board member was quoted saying Travis will never return. Has this been posted already? Anyone hear something definitive? Just curious......thank you
  14. Daisey77

    Will Travis return? He thinks so . . .

    Interesting article. Makes you realize his bro mentality is worse than we thought . . . it doesn't seem as if his forced resignation taught him anything.
  15. BurgerTiime

    New emails show how mistrust and suspicions blew up the relationship between Uber's Travis Kalanick Emails show that Travis Kalanick was wanting to meet with Page about a possible partnership but was having trouble getting him to agree to a meeting.
  16. BurgerTiime

    Former Uber Ceo Travis has interestly gained Twitter follows

    Travis Kalanick has interestly gained thousands of followers admist his resignation. The world seems intrigued to hear what he has to say. Travis has remained silent since his departure.
  17. BurgerTiime

    Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick spotted grabbing lunch and advice from JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon Hmm, he's thinking, "man why was I such a t bag and treated drivers with disrespect and gouged passengers and ignored the law and burned though VC cash and....and....and....ect
  18. Bellykiller

    What is your new hobby because of downtime? I mine the sh.... out of bitcoin.

    Does anybody here on forum mine bitcoins ? I wonder if any geeks out here driving had as much time as I do and spend like 100+h reading waiting for this bs pings to come and went it to that lol. What other interests did you guys picked up because of massive amount of down time ?
  19. J

    1000 Uber employees have signed a petition urging Travis K. return Apparently 1000 Uber employees have signed a petition that Travis K be reinstated Not sure if this is true tho
  20. J

    Sheryl Sandberg to be next Uber CEO

    Hell no. Travis was better than her. I miss travis now. And who put Ariana Huffington on the Uber board?