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    Uber Billionaire CEO Kalanick Affirms: Tipping Drivers Not Expected, Required

    Uber affirms tipping drivers 'is not expected or required' The company says you're free to do so, but you don't have to. In most parts of the world, tipping for certain services has been a long-standing tradition. Still, Uber made sure that was never the case between its riders and drivers...
  2. Ziggy

    Letter from Travis (Uber) - Settlement & Deactivation Policy

    > Today we announced a settlement in two important class-action lawsuits: O’Connor(California) and Yucesoy (Massachusetts). The key issue at stake in both cases is whether drivers using the Uber app should be classified as independent...
  3. afrojoe824

    The dark side to Uber’s unstoppable cash grab

    Morgan Stanly and Bank of America encouraging their clients with $10 million or more to blindly invest in uber. Not only that, they can't see uber's financial information. More people blindly investor in Uber puts pressure on Travis K to go public. An excerpt to the article - As more and...
  4. chi1cabby

    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Is No Person Of The Year, Says Accessibility Advocate
  5. 3for3

    ACRO not allowed Watch Out

    Watchout Washington D.C. drivers. Fuber is trying to fuhk its 20% commission driver. Im quite sure you have noticed that if you Accept a trip then Cancel it immediately state the Reason and most of the time its Other lately you will see this screen that says unable to log on because of to many...
  6. UberXpert2020

    This Guy Got Fired For Attacking an Uber Driver. Read For Deets

    DISCLAIMER - Posting because i couldn't believe this. Read and then comment away! Do you think firing him is justified? If yes, why and if you do not agree, why not?
  7. SCdave

    Future of Uber when ‘All the @@@@@@@@ Have Left’

    The New Google: 'When all the @@@@@@@@ have left '.[email protected]@@@@@@@-have-left/ October 23, 2015 article on <re/code> by Mark Bergen “In leadership at Google, you have to be three-plus standard deviations better than normal in technical ability,” said...
  8. dirtybastard

    What Is An Uber Movement?

    Q: What is an Uber movement? A: A big, fat, dirty shit - right on the drivers' heads, courtesy of the psychopathic @@@@@-man Travis Kalanick. Regards, D. Bastard
  9. chi1cabby

    What Makes Uber Run