1. WestSydGuy

    More Self Driving Vehicles in NSW more driverless vehicles, coming to Coffs this year. Maybe Sydney Airport to the nearby hotels would be the next logical step?
  2. chris.R

    A fairer deal for drivers?

    Came across this company from what it looks has good fees and might help. Anyone heard about it before?
  3. BurgerTiime

    California says Uber is classified as a transportation firm and owes back fees!

    State regulator ruling could cost Uber ‘millions State regulators changed how they legally classify ride-hail giant Uber on Thursday, a technical move that may cost the company millions of dollars. The California Public...
  4. JustTim

    We beat the competition

    I have listened to my riders and I have to say something. Our local public transportation charges over twice what we do for the same trip. Our local taxi companies charge a higher fare than we do by destination. Neither transportation options allow any typ of call ahead arrangements. If anyone...
  5. SCdave


    Here is an article writen with a common theme. Uber, Lyfy, TNC Rideshare and local transportation changing, evolving, and looking to the future. The focus is on Microtransportation. Of public transportation meeting private rideshare. But something very important is missing. ******* Title: LA...
  6. MHR

    When Uber Makes More Sense Than Owning a Car
  7. Maven

    Uber Profits When Drivers Get Nothing

    The data that Uber collects when you are driving around, waiting for a request, or "dead miles" returning from a long trip, earning nothing, are immensely valuable to Uber. Over a year after this story broke, Uber is using even more innovative and more profitable ways to profit from drivers'...
  8. Maven

    Uber Teleportation

    Overnight, entirely irrelevant and superseded will be what becomes of self-driving cars and flying-cars alike, when Uber unveils Teleportation! Coming any day now according to our Marketing department and they should know, right? How hard can it be? Scientist have been working on teleportation...
  9. Jeremy Chew

    Which is cheaper Uber or Grab?

    A price comparison site published a study comparing the prices of the average Uber, Grab and conventional taxis and highlighting which were the cheaper option. Though it is obvious the ride hailing services are more cost efficient than taxis, the research shows that Grab provides a cheaper...
  10. No Taxi App

    Giving a lyft is the same as car pooling?

    We have heard complains about how car pooling is illegal in so many countries, and specially cab drivers are complaining so bad. But it is kind the same as when you get a lyft, right? What about those people standing in the roads with a thumb up trying to get a lyft? Is that illegal? We don't...