1. Mista T

    Uber customer pricing & why it matters that we know what it is

    Why it matters what Uber customers pay Uber and Lyft are now trying to hide what the customers (pax) pay from the drivers. Uber has made the disclosure screen oversized so that taking screenshots with 100% of the information (on one screen) is now impossible. Lyft has gone off the deep end...
  2. U

    Mountain trips/ safety issues

    Last weekend I got a request from downtown to go to Breckenridge during morning rush hour traffic. Lyft/ Uber do not show you the trip destination (exceptions for Uber Pro maybe). I politely declined since I don't deem it profitable and the risk of mountain driving without snow tires or AWD is...
  3. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Fare Non transparency with Uber

    On the New Uber App, did anyone notice for the trip breakdown, we cannot see what the passenger paid anymore?o_Oo_Oo_Oo_O - Is this Uber's way to hide how much they take on the percentage of the fare? At least with Lyft his information is still visible! :):):)
  4. Karl Marx

    Uber Wants Waymo Robocar Secrets Fight Out of Public View This will be the most important intellectual property contest of the 21st century. Whom ever wins this case will decide the future of terrestrial transportation well into the next...
  5. B

    Anyone else not getting direct answers regarding upfront fare?

  6. B

    We're More Screwed than originally thought ... watch

    We need full transparency from Uber. I propose a protest to get media attention. Or at minimum get riders to use Lyft instead. The trip detail page should be detailed and audited.
  7. B

    I hope you complain frequently about rates

    I send emails to Uber several times a month regarding the horribly low rates. Also, the Trip Detail needs to show what the rider actually paid for the trip. There is no transparency. As an example, there should be +$1.65 - $1.65 for the booking fee. We need honesty and transparency...
  8. babaganoosh

    Uber’s Self-Driving Car Passengers Were Signing Their Lives Away Uber’s Self-Driving Car Passengers Were Signing Their Lives Away Uber’s fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh are super exciting for anyone interested in the future of transportation—but they could come...