1. Daniello

    Can I continue working for Uber if I move to NYC?

    I am planning to move to NYC next month but I am very concerned because Uber in NYC is not accepting any new driver and everyone is on waitlist there, so I am wondering if I can switch to NYC and continue working there. If they put me on wait list then there is no way I can continue working...
  2. W

    How to transfer TLC plate?

    Can I transfer Green Boro Taxi TLC plate to a regular Car to use for Uber and Lyft?

    Moving to Statesville

    Hi, my name is Steve. I'm moving to Statesville soon. Just trying to find more info on the area. Do I need any permits in any areas? Vehicle inspections? Not trying to step on any toes here. I've been an Uber and Lyft driver a long time. I know better than ask "where's the money?" and all the...
  4. A

    OMG Im so confused about the Uber debit card and GO bank!!! please help

    Ok, I just activated my uber card (I have not made trips yet) and set up my go bank. so, lets say I do one trip ok? and I earn some money. Will THAT money I just earned be deposited into my GO bank account, which allows me to use THAT money I earned from my uber debit card? And I can always...
  5. Ubertill2022

    how to transfer my plate and tlc diamond from old car to new car?

    hello, I have a 2012 camry and getting a 2017 camry. have not bought the car yet but i am sure will be done in days. I am trading my old car so I will not have it with me when I have the new one, If anyone can let me know what is the process to get my plates from the old car to new car...
  6. J

    Question about changing warehouse

    I have tried contacting flex support but cant seem to get a straight answer. I know I can transfer to another warehouse by contacting support. My question is this: If I transfer to another site just for a couple of months, will I be able to come back to my original warehouse?
  7. U


    hello everyone, im currently an uber driver with my own TLC car, my car is old and about to be retired. i want to buy a new... used car but im not sure if i have to surrender my old TLC plates and get new one and go through the whole process and paying all that money over again. can someone tell...
  8. avionyxuber

    Denver > Las Vegas..

    So I'm a new and approved driver as of yesterday morning (Monday Jan 9) in the Denver, CO area. I moved my family to Las Vegas two weeks ago but had to return to CO (Monday Jan 2) to continue working while I wait for my new employer to give me my official start date. I should be making the final...
  9. G

    Switch from Android to iPhone 7

    The battery of my old HTC One M7 drains very quickly and this annoys sometimes. So I moved to iPhone 7 Plus. The screen is bigger and battery are more durable. My question is how to move personal data such as contacts and text messages to iPhone? I am stuck on that. Please share you tips in...
  10. M

    Moving from Los angeles to Minneapolis

    Hi everybody, I have a doubt. I just got a new car and I would like to sign up for uber to make some money on the side. The thing is I will be moving from LA to MN within aprox two months, I I just wanted to know if its actually a good idea to do everything and start working here in LA and then...