1. Nawaf

    UBER DRIVERS. Group chat. Kik

    Hi guys and girls I think we need a group chat for us and the best app for that is kik I think u all know it so we will open a vote for that and if I see a lot agree to it we will do it and I'll tell you now how to do it and what's the benefits from it. How to do it. I'll post my Kik ID and...
  2. Giantpegasus

    feature needed in a high traffic unpredictable market

    Being a part time driver sometimes I have to get somewhere at some point either during the day or night whatever it doesn't really matter. What I have realized is that in Chicago, even with surge, the traffic and craziness of the city and the time it can take getting too and from show uber...
  3. Manotas

    More people in fewer cars

  4. CommanderXL

    Data Visualization - Los Angeles: One Day on Waze

    Here's a pretty cool and very interesting video I think would be helpful for you Uber drivers in LA. It's one day of Waze users in LA.
  5. UberXtraordinary

    FYI-Big Concerts at Hollywood Bowl

    Saturday, Sept. 26th, 2015 Just discovered Kanye West is playing tonight at the Hollywood Bowl located at the northern tip of Highland Blvd next to the 101 Freeway. If I were driving tonight I would avoid the Highland exit from the 101, and the Cahuenga pass headed into Hollywood. Any routs...
  6. GrandpaD

    Traffic Tips via Twitter

    As the TNCs get ready to roll, there's some local Twitter accounts that give pretty fast traffic updates. I check these as well as use Waze. I created a separate timeline column in my Twitter app, so I can see just the traffic info. Checking in between pings might help you avoid backups. Some I...
  7. Yul

    Riders who think they know the best route yet don't. How to handle them?

    I maintain a score of 4.90-4.97, I have yet to go under 4.9. I do X and Select in Montreal. Today I had a lady doctor who wanted me to take a street that I know is slow, even Waze wanted me to take another route but the rider insisted I take her route. I,m usually pretty good at convincing them...