1. Speedyracer

    95 accident stay away 50 car pile up

    I just sat on 95 south for 3 1/2 hours with a pair of pax in the back seat going to BWI ... 2.6 surge. A simple 15 minute $25 ride turned into $83 just from sitting. Long sigh... I'm going home.
  2. BurgerTiime

    Why is San Francisco traffic so bad? Uber and Lyft are to blame, says city A recent state regulatory filing by SFMTA minces no words about where the blame lies for San Francisco's major traffic problems. The filing, which SFMTA submitted before the California Public...
  3. NowWeAllBroke

    Road closures, traffic conditions.

    I thought maybe a thread dedicated only to the topic might be helpful to all of us. (In other words, kindly post off-topic, unhelpful comments elsewhere.)
  4. ubaguy

    President Obama in LA Monday and Tuesday... The Los Angeles Police Department has released a list of expected street closures for the president's visit to the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas: - The area around Sherman Way between Clybourn...
  5. Speedyracer


    Just wait.. I had a ride into the thick of it. Took me an hour and a half to get out of Baltimore. One intersection took over an hour. The police directing traffic just would not let anyone through. Even if there was time. If you do go out plan on bad ratings due to traffic that is out of your...
  6. 2CV750CC

    Friday morning traffic jam heads up

    Biden is clogging up the roads Friday morning be aware: —Hilgard Avenue/Lindbrook Avenue between Le Conte Avenue and Westwood Boulevard from 5:30 to 7 a.m. —Wilshire Boulevard between Malcolm Avenue and South Sepulveda Boulevard from 5:30 to 7 a.m. —Culver Boulevard between the 90 Freeway...
  7. RedoBeach

    Bomb Threat Market St Closed (Uber,Twitter)

    Suspicious package causes police closure of Market Street (1275 Market Street... ). Traffic is being rerouted to nearby streets. Gridlocked vehicles and many police officers in the area. Medical Examiner parked on Mcallister...
  8. RedoBeach

    Uber Driver Gone Postal on 101S

    This guy had seriously lost his mind today and looked like he was ready to break anyone who came in his Uber driving way. I saw him raging behind me when we sat on the slow entrance to the 101S. Once we merged from the ramp he swerved in and out of traffic growling & screaming & flipping the...
  9. Cowboyup

    Gulf freeway heading south to Galveston

    Two hour parking lot . Dixie Farm Road to FM 518
  10. Ziggy

    Pride Parade Closures (Aug 27)

    2016 Austin Pride Parade Saturday, August 27, 2016 8 p.m. 1200 San Jacinto Blvd. APD reminds the public that there will be heavy traffic and street closures from 5 to 11 p.m. tomorrow evening. Please take note of the following information: Congress Ave. between 4th and 11th streets will...
  11. Millirus

    ■■■ how much weekly you make money ? ■■■

    Im want to move from adelaide to sydney . Im hearing a lots of diffrent things and i got so confused . Please answer the questions very short and helpful !!! 1) for how long you working ? 2) how much daily you earning /how many hours a day ?(avarage ) 3) whats i can claim on tax ? Phone...
  12. Alman

    dropping at xfinity concerts

    when dropping of a pax at xfinity for a concert they say to drop off at restaurant depot parking lot. But getting there is time consuming waiting in traffic for ever. Is it really worth bringing a pax to a concert and waiting in traffic. or there is there a special way in for taxi and uber drivers.
  13. Russ Reed


    So I looked at the map today and just dead miled out of LA, back home resting for a bit in LB and will finish out my night there. ALL OF LA is blood red... No thank you
  14. R

    Gardiner Expressway is closed for the whole weekend

    The expressway will be closed due to spring maintenance from Carlaw Avenue to Highway 427, beginning at 11 p.m. on Friday. The highway is expected to re-open on Monday at 5 a.m. It will be a traffic collapse...
  15. B

    Viaduct two week closure 4/29

    Just in case anyone was unaware. From WSDOT website Sea/Brem/BI - Viaduct Closes For Two Weeks On 4/29 The Alaskan Way Viaduct will be closed for approximately two weeks beginning April 29 while Bertha, the SR 99 tunneling machine, tunnels beneath the structure. SR 99 will be closed from the...
  16. OrlandoUberX

    Dear City of Orlando

    Dear City of Orlando, Due to your sh*tty one-way streets, the fact OPD shuts down most of Orange Ave, and horrible traffic lights most of the city center turns into gridlock h#ll and mother of all cluster f&cks on Saturday and Sunday 2 AM. Traffic is at a stand-still as taxi drivers...
  17. N

    mardi grass road closure map

    here map for tomorow if you working. ther is time when roughly when they gonna close. hope is usefull for everyone be smart the traffic will be chaos. and drive safe. i wont do after party like last year. had terible experience last year
  18. keeper1

    Bizarre traffic ticket

    Yesterday around midnight I got bizarre ticket - act. 140(c) for not letting pedestrian complete crossing the road. I was doing left turn here ( On green light I moved to the middle of the road and let pedestrian walking toward on left to pass both lanes and when...
  19. R

    How easy is it for the police to write you a ticket?

    I drive in San Francisco. This occurred around 4p on Tuesday. I stopped with my hazards on Montgomery waiting for a passenger. A white car behind me honks at me, gets out of his car, knocks on my window, and tells me to move. Turns out he's with traffic patrol. Who has the right here? Uber...
  20. Lyft_94110

    San Francisco is insane

    Now that streets are closed for the SuperBowl-related attractions AND Chinese New Year-related fairs, anyplace east of Van Ness and north of Division St. to China Basin is nuts. Those $35/hour guarantees are the only thing that will get me driving downtown this week.