1. UluValea

    395 on the bridge

    Attention- Accident on 395 right after the bridge going into DC. Truck lost a tire blocking the right two lanes. Use other routes to avoid stand still. Traffic is now backed up to Seminary Rd on 395. Be safe out there guys and gals.
  2. Chapindc

    495 dead stop warning

    Avoid outer loop between 29 colesville rd(rt 29) & Connecticut av, been stuck in the same spot for 30min already & looks like I'll b here much longer
  3. RideshareSpectrum

    What’s up with traffic lately?

    So I’m curious what factors weigh in on the lack of traffic downtown over the past cpl weeks. I’m not complaining by any means but it’s been bizarre for SF to be so easy to navigate even with the giants at home, during am/pm rush, and with some major conferences (RSA, Blockchain) in town. I...
  4. HudsonDriver4Hire

    Trulia Maps: Know Your 'Hoods (Crime & Other Data)

    There's another "surge" out there you should probably be concerned about, except this one might save your wallet and your a$$ if you don't go chasing it. In our line of work, you obviously need to know your home turf like the back of your hand, including where the dangerous neighborhoods are...
  5. YouEvenLyftBruh

    I knew it! PAXHOLES blamed me for hillbilly stadium quagmire.

    THERE ARE TWO THINGS WRONG HERE: Problem #1: Bless your heart, Sweety, I know I how to get to the stadium. I don't control traffic or what Lyft "estimates" as my arrival time (a search here shows A YEAR of same complaints) brief summary: - PAX call me angry. "WHERE ARE YOU IT SAYS 1...
  6. Roos

    How would you describe drivers in your market...

    ... by one phrase? Let me start first. Selfish stupid pieces of shit. I'm working in San Francisco
  7. UberAnt39

    Another march on Saturday.

    Thousands are expected to take to the streets around the Bay Area Saturday for the first ever March for Our Lives demonstration. The basics: It's set to kick off at 1 p.m. Saturday with a rally at Civic Center Plaza. There's a march planned to follow the rally, but the route isn't set yet.
  8. jeffel

    Pax Refused to Call It Quits

    So last night I got a long trip request. I thought, "Great. I'll drive them an hour or so away, make a killing, and then be home in time to get a good night's sleep." Boy was I wrong. The pax was going from my home area in northern Delaware down to the DC suburbs. Uber said this was a 2 hour...
  9. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Yorkdale Mall nightmare on a Saturday

    Hello Community, has anyone experienced the ZOO of having to drop off a passenger at Yorkdale Mall on a Saturday? It was about the worst congestion that I have ever seen. I would say its very close or may possibly exceed in term of delays experienced driving in downtown Toronto in rush hour. I...
  10. Yooper

    Lunar New Year Area around King and Maynard in Chinatown closed tomorrow during the day
  11. K-pax

    Don’t pick up at seatac peak hours on uber

    I feel like punching a wall right now. So, I ended up getting a request for the tnc garage while not even at the airport or in the queue. Hardly any cars in the queue right at the peak arrivals time. I figured, what the hey. I’ll do it. The expressway was very backed up, pretty much gridlock a...
  12. SuzeCB

    No More Uber in Leonia?

    Thoughts? Could impact quite a bit if it "spreads".
  13. Jack Malarkey

    New real-time ACT Traffic app to guide you to your destination faster First two paragraphs: Drivers now have their own personal navigator to help steer them to their destination using the best available, least congested route. A new mobile phone app called ACT...
  14. burgerflipper

    5th avenue ruined

    amazing how a single new bus lane can have such a significant effect on traffic, used to be you could average 15 mph on 5th ave most of the time, now its more like 4 mph o_O
  15. BurgerTiime

    Lyft, Uber commit 64 percent of downtown SF traffic violations The San Francisco Police Department gave the city’s Board of Supervisors an earful at a Monday hearing about downtown traffic and pointed the finger for traffic violations squarely at so-called transit...
  16. burgerflipper

    Pointers for how to beat the Holland tunnel traffic?

    This thread is long overdue. GPS is useless to get into Holland Tunnel. Gets the time all wrong, tries to suggest you knock over some cones, loves telling you to turn onto Canal from West St. Calling on all old-timers and NJ residents to share with us their sage advice. Thanks in advance, BF
  17. Psycho Driver

    Uber Hypocritical over traffic, Claiming traffic expertise, but won't pay us.

    This is why I stopped driving in downtown Toronto, you are not fairly compensated for Traffice. Today I heard Uber bragging on radio how their technology can accurately monitor traffic and estimate distances it takes for people to get in the city and will be selling the data to cities. So they...
  18. JSM0713

    Golden Beach Nightmare last night

    I'd determined it was my very last ride, in this case an UberEats delivery. It looked easy enough. from my pickup location in North Miami, to Golden Beach.... Easy, right? I left the restaurant just before 7pm, drove to 163rd St.... but for some whacky reason the GPS changed course and told me...
  19. GypsyJoker

    Golden Gate Bridge's Vista Point Closed for Five Weeks Hi, Folks, If you, like I, have picked up riders and dropped off passengers at Vista Point on the North end of the Golden Gate Bridge, guess what? The Bridge Authority has just...
  20. Butterfield

    Olympics in LA in 2028

    it's going to be Crazy in LA...11 years from now. Think of the life changing money! I will retire shortly thereafter. ;) Nah, with the traffic, we'll get one ride in an hour tops