traffic jams

  1. ubaguy

    President Obama in LA Monday and Tuesday... The Los Angeles Police Department has released a list of expected street closures for the president's visit to the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas: - The area around Sherman Way between Clybourn...
  2. 2CV750CC

    Friday morning traffic jam heads up

    Biden is clogging up the roads Friday morning be aware: —Hilgard Avenue/Lindbrook Avenue between Le Conte Avenue and Westwood Boulevard from 5:30 to 7 a.m. —Wilshire Boulevard between Malcolm Avenue and South Sepulveda Boulevard from 5:30 to 7 a.m. —Culver Boulevard between the 90 Freeway...
  3. OC Lady Uber Driver

    OC Fair is hell on earth for Uber drivers

    I was able to make two drops to the OC Fair yesterday and I'm posting my experience and would like to see how other Uber drivers handled theirs. 1) Pax from the nail salon/mall/parking lot then +2 riders wants to be dropped at the fair and we are driving against the traffic flow. They end up...
  4. Russ Reed


    So I looked at the map today and just dead miled out of LA, back home resting for a bit in LB and will finish out my night there. ALL OF LA is blood red... No thank you
  5. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Who was down by Rutgers today where the surge was 4.4?

    I seen the surge was 4.4 down Rutgers where the president was going to speak today. I heard it was a traffic nightmare. Anybody do that area today?
  6. Lyft_94110

    Traffic changes plaguing SF drivers

    It was gridlock last week in the Financial District and Union Square areas during the afternoon and long into the evening. The explanation is here: In summary, drivers going toward the Bay Bridge...