trade dress

  1. Eagle1

    Does NJ require Trade Dress?

    Does New Jersey require trade dress insignias to be displayed in the windhield? I asked Uber support and they told be it wasn't necessary...just keep your car "spiffy" and your license plate visible and your passenger should have no trouble spotting you. Is this advice correct?
  2. Eagle1

    Trade dress question....

    I am a new driver and I have a question... is it necessary to have a trade dress insignia in your windshield when driving? I asked that question to Uber support and was told it was not necessary at this time; just keep your car "spiffy" and your license plate visible and your pax will have no...
  3. D

    newbie question about trade dress.

    So I understand that you are required to have 2 "U" on the car/ city emblem/ vehicle inspection in order to be able to pickup from airports. But do you have to display same thing when driving in city? What about suburbs? I would prefer driving without it if it's possible.
  4. UberBeemer

    What to display while operating in Chicago City Limits

    So I know I had asked this question and I think a couple of others did as well. Where's the City Emblem and What do I need to display? Forgive me for repeating this, but I hope you find it useful. Check your email for a message from Uber with the Re line "Important Update to Mandatory City of...
  5. S

    Trade Dress

    Hey Guys, I was getting gas outside LAX and I noticed another driver had both trade dress of Uber and Lyft, one above the other. Is that cool to do? I do both. But normally I take off and put on whichever I'm doing. And when I get another call from the other company I switch them out...
  6. LasVegasWil

    Uber Trade Dress

    Anyone have advice on what to use to affix the Uber sticker? Want something I can place and remove as needed. Thanks.