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trade dress

  1. Eagle1

    Trade dress question....

    I am a new driver and I have a question... is it necessary to have a trade dress insignia in your windshield when driving? I asked that question to Uber support and was told it was not necessary at this time; just keep your car "spiffy" and your license plate visible and your pax will have no...
  2. D

    newbie question about trade dress.

    So I understand that you are required to have 2 "U" on the car/ city emblem/ vehicle inspection in order to be able to pickup from airports. But do you have to display same thing when driving in city? What about suburbs? I would prefer driving without it if it's possible.
  3. UberBeemer

    What to display while operating in Chicago City Limits

    So I know I had asked this question and I think a couple of others did as well. Where's the City Emblem and What do I need to display? Forgive me for repeating this, but I hope you find it useful. Check your email for a message from Uber with the Re line "Important Update to Mandatory City of...
  4. S

    Trade Dress

    Hey Guys, I was getting gas outside LAX and I noticed another driver had both trade dress of Uber and Lyft, one above the other. Is that cool to do? I do both. But normally I take off and put on whichever I'm doing. And when I get another call from the other company I switch them out...
  5. LasVegasWil

    Uber Trade Dress

    Anyone have advice on what to use to affix the Uber sticker? Want something I can place and remove as needed. Thanks.