1. tyesquire

    Avoid destination filter ending

    so every weekend after 4 am I try to use destination filter to get a run to an airport that is an hour away... in the past I could take the person there, drive drive back towards my original starting point,,, with destination filter still running and get continuous returns to the airport... now...
  2. U

    Are Uber drivers allowed to pick up at Tampa International Airport

    I picked up a rider 2 weeks ago and he told me that 2 months Prior a Uber driver got like 8 tickets at Tampa International Airport. Are there any updates from drivers for Tampa International Airport policies. Are we allowed to pick up at Tampa International Airport?
  3. PowerTrip

    UpDated Info New Tampa International Queue

    This is weird, just last night I got a ping at N Dale Mabry, around the Stadium In between Tampa Bay and MLK. When did this start, Did anyone get a notice, if so was it by text or email. Please share! I ask the Uber Gods and here is the form response. "Thanks for reaching out! Once you come...
  4. CommanderXL

    Why is there never a surge at TIA?

    Does anyone know why there is never a surge at the airport? Is it because drivers are always hanging out near there or is there some other reason?