1. DryvLine

    Denver DryvLine: Plan your driving. Free email newsletter.

    Hello Denver Drivers, Denver Dryvline is a free, easy to read, Denver specific weekly email newsletter which gives drivers local and up to date information about if, where, and when each day of the upcoming week will see demand. It is delivered once a week in a simple and easy to use format...
  2. nicolephlsfo

    Uber Calculators

    Hey I made a tool to check UberX & UberPool rates for SF and East Bay. Its pretty basic at the moment but it works. Will update with greater functionality in the future (surge calc, trans-bay calcs, south bay, rounding etc). Only tested on chrome/safari desktop, mobile might not work. Enjoy...
  3. MyRideTrac

    Mileage / Expense tracking app for tax purposes

    7/12/16: Just released version 2.0 with Metric Support. Check it out here! Hi. My name is Ken. I rolled MyRideTrac out in the US about 2 months ago. I drive rideshare and designed the app specifically for rideshare drivers. There have been requests to put a kilo/litre switch into the app for...
  4. MyRideTrac

    MyRideTrac - New Mileage/Expense App for Uber, Lyft Drivers

    Update 7/12/16: Just released version 2.0 with Metric Support. Check it out here! I’m Ken, I have been driving Uber for just over a year now and I just rolled out MyRideTrac – to help rideshare drivers track their mileage. I tried many of the apps out there to track miles and expenses and...
  5. U

    Anyone in STL open to group communication through zello

    STL we need to organize and communicate with one another to help each other. I'm using this app called zello that will help us out in many ways. Download the app and look for uber st.Louis. it works . Just like the old Nextel push to talk. You can also use it as a group communication tool to...
  6. Phia Bennin

    Tricks to get 5 stars

    Hi there, I work for a podcast called Reply All and I'm curious about tools or tricks people use to get 5 star ratings. Like, does it matter how clean the car is? Do you keep certain chargers in the vehicle? I am hoping to get to talk to some drivers. If you are up for chatting, please message...