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  1. CStarzzSelect

    Toll Problems

    So Iv'e read the new October section of 180 days of change. Say we will be paid for pick-ups farther than 10mins of drive time, and tolls on the way. I could have sworn that earlier this year I was getting paid for tolls that I had passed during the pick-up portion of the ride. I used to see...
  2. ibeam23


    Yesterday I caught a 1.7x from Saddle River, NJ to Poughkeepsie, NY. After $10 cash tip I made $106. GPS had me take NY THRUWAY up to the Mid Hudson Bridge. Über didn't pay me the two tolls - $1.19 at Harriman and $1.25 for the bridge. When I got home I opened a call ticket for the bridge and...
  3. D

    Tolls and Line/Pool

    If I take a pool/line ride with 2 separate pax's, and we go through a toll with both riders together, I wonder, Does Luber charge both the full toll, or do they cut it in half?
  4. Lurking

    Keep Trying

    Uber Customer Service is designed to be frustrating, especially when it comes to money because if you give up in frustration then Uber keep the pay which is rightfully yours. :mad: Be extra careful when it comes to Long trips Tolls and Surcharges DO NOT TRUST UBER CALCULATIONS! Make sure...
  5. bradleyf81

    Q about trips to Jersey City & Hoboken etc. from NYC

    So I've only been doing this about a month, and I'm not quite sure how the tolls are calculated with Uber, but something I've noticed is that when you're in Manhattan and I get a ride request that goes to Jersey City or Hoboken, I never get a rider going back into the city so I wind up paying...
  6. Airy

    E-ZPass necessary?

    Hi all, I've been looking around for an answer and can't seem to find the one that I'm looking for. I'm going to be doing Uber and Lyft for a week or so, and I don't have an E-Zpass, is it really important that I have one? Can I just keep extra change/cash on me in case I have to go through a...
  7. ibeam23

    New York Thruway tolls

    I've taken pax 3 times so far to the Harriman Commons. Each time the app has taken me on the Thruway. Each time Über has refused to pay the $1.50 toll. I suggest if any other drivers going with a pax to the Commons get off the Thruway at exit 15 and take 17 North to avoid the toll with cheap-azz...
  8. ibeam23

    Über not paying tolls

    Twice now I've picked up a pax in Rockland County and following the GPS with pax in car I've gotten off the NY THRUWAY in Newburgh. Both times I was not paid the toll. I complained for the first and within minutes I was given a $1.33 credit. For the second non toll paying ride I've been going...
  9. Fastlaneandy

    TEXSPRESS TOLLS are NOT reimbursed by Uber

    Warning! Texspress tolls are expensive! They are variable rate depending on traffic. Uber is NOT covering them. Our navigation systems guide us to the lanes. Check your tolltag statements against your Uber rides. I have submitted request for reimbursement numerous times, they are not paying the...
  10. N

    Uber won't reimburse tolls

    So I had a very, very long trip on Wednesday. The passenger wanted a ride from Washington, DC to a hotel in Manhattan—237.71 fare miles. Not only did this turn out to be a bad deal for me because I couldn't pick up rides headed home and had to pay all the tolls on the trip back, now Uber is...
  11. EL_LEQUE

    IRS guidelines Irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/sharing-economy-tax-center

    UBER may not want to do it so drivers don't realized the very low earning or loses per hour or per mile and: RATES NEEDS TO BE: $3 base, $1/mile and $0.5/min NO LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE Earnings of UBER are too high; and prices to riders are too low .... drivers are loosing. FOLLOWING IS WHAT...
  12. M

    50+ messages to get toll reimbursement

    Why is this such an issue? Why does it take hours of complaining and dozens and dozens of messages to get a simple toll reimbursement? Does anyone else deal with this? Should I require the customer to pay tolls if they wish to use this routes? At this point I'm seeing my Google maps app to...
  13. Ubercide

    Reaching out to Uber

    Please stop including the toll amounts in the 'trip earnings' as this is misleading. It makes drivers believe we have earned more than we have. In this case over 40% more. Trip earnings should be $10.20 because tolls are expenses (and just like the Uber Fee is excluded) it also should not...
  14. Maven

    Attention NYC, NJ, CT, and Westchester Drivers

    Tolls on all NYC bridges and tunnels increased this past Sunday March 19th. Recheck that all your toll reimbursements reflect the new, higher rates. Uber is still paying the old rate not the new rate. Tolls on the Robert F. Kennedy, Throgs Neck, Bronx-Whitestone bridges and the...

    Toll Reimbursement Difficulty

    All - I appreciate your responses and experiences... I recently began driving for Uber (after a successful first month with Lyft also). Lyft never had a problem recognizing when I went on the SRT or DNT and always captures tolls. Foolishly, I assumed UBER did the same thing. However, a week...
  16. Rahlo

    $25 Surcharge just to use E-470* Don't get duped like me.

    The fine print of your RENTAL CAR agreement says you'll be charged $25 per contract to use: America's most expensive road. *That's $25 not including mileage* That's: 7 Miles = $42 to E-470. Don't be like me. Now I avoid E-470.
  17. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    warning To Uber drivers to check your tolls and no show fees.

    I was missing a total of $4.75 in tolls today for a ride I took. so I emailed uber and they sent me the money for the tolls. So I went back to past trips far as i could and I found over 15 other tolls not paid from UBER. there were Over $30.00 more in unpaid tolls..what the hell is going on...
  18. Grand

    Sydney Toll Charges

    Some toll charges have increased since January 1st. Check what Uber charged against what RMS charge and escalate to Uber if different to resolve. http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/sydney-motorways/toll-charges/index.html
  19. G

    Uber not reimbursing tolls!

    How many drivers are aware that Uber does not reimburse many tolls?! I have to check daily, comparing my toll tag account for tolls against every trip to see that tolls are being paid! In most cases, they are reimbursed when a toll review is requested. However, this is a lot of unnecessary...
  20. J

    Trip Not Calculated Correctly

    I worked my first night last night and drove someone at least 15 miles but on the Uber Partner app, it didn't calculate the distance nor charge for the tolls. How would I get this adjusted?