1. DollarFree

    Bridge Tolls

    Just a reminder, Uber are routinely “forgetting” to pay one of them if u get rides both way, and they always “forget” to pay for East Bay to Treasure Island. It used to be rare enough to be maybe accidental, but now it’s systemic. They are lying, thieving shits. But then we know that.
  2. Jack Malarkey

    No tolls for Canberra

    ( ACT government rejects call for road tolls in Canberra By Daniel Burdon 26 November 2018 — 4:31pm Talking points The ACT government has rejected the...
  3. Clarity

    EZ-Pass Replenishment Threshold Nightmare

    I really hate EZ-Pass right now. I wish more people signed this petition that a member by the name of BagOfPokerFaces started months ago. Although I don't think a petition is going to change this. It also doesn't look like Jersey has the pay-as-you go option. Correct me if I'm wrong. Please...
  4. DaveIn617

    Lyft NOT reimbursing for TOLLS via Transponder with Commercial Plates

    Starting on or around July 1st of 2018 Lyft does not reimburse drivers (with Commercial Plates) correctly for Tolls when using their transponder. I drive for Lyft in Boston, MA and noticed that my Toll reimbursement was cut in half!! After researching it I found that Lyft hasn't been charging...
  5. Lissetti

    Uber gets on board with congestion pricing in Seattle

    The city is currently studying the feasibility of tolling busy downtown streets By Sarah Anne [email protected] Oct 8, 2018, 10:39am PDT Late last month, ride-hailing (and now bike-share) company Uber announced it would be devoting much of its lobbying energy to pushing for congestion...
  6. P

    Will uber screw you over with toll roads?

    I'm moving from Phoenix to Dallas, and in Dallas I've noticed there are a lot of toll roads. We don't have those here in Phoenix, and I want to make sure I don't get screwed by Uber with toll roads. 1. How often do riders want to take toll roads? 2. How much do you spend on toll roads per...
  7. notmyfavoritething

    Tolls not paid

    So, part of 360 is now a toll road. I didn't know this until I was on 360 yesterday. (Yes, I've stuck my head in the sand and stopped watching the news) Anyway, did two deliveries on 360 yesterday, and the tolls were not paid. And now that I'm looking, they've probably shorted me a nickel or...
  8. Working4peanuts


    Uber is effing us on tolls. I assume it is because sunpass is down for maintenance. Took the turnpike and uber wouldn't pay me the toll. I will check sunpass on Wednesday when they're back up and email rohit with the screenshot. Check your trips. We make almost nothing and uber is trying to...
  9. C

    Did you check the toll reimbursement? Check very well each one that you use the tolls.You loss money

    I have an issue with the toll refund. I drove on the SR-836 Dolphin Expressway Westbound and took the exit Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41/SW 8th Street) and Uber paid me only 0.70$ for the SR-836 Dolphin Expressway and the exit at Tamiami Trail doesn’t paid to me. Please, if you pass for this point...
  10. Kurt Halfyard

    New IPOS Poll shows growing support of TOLL Roads (QEW)

    Wynne famously axed John Tory's request to add a $2-5 Toll for each use of the QEW/DVP into the Toronto Core, but a curious support has returned to residents in the GTA who are, and have been for some time, frustrated with the Don Valley Parking Lot and the jammed up QEW in the morning and...

    Does Deliv Reimburse for Tolls

    Does anyone who drives for Deliv know if they reimburse for tolls while Time on Task? I just started and my first statement is not a really define or detailed breakdown. From now on I will screen capture every pickup and drop off location so that I can compare to their weekly statement as...
  12. BkS

    Toll reimbursement

    Ok so I read in one thread that if you drop a pax off in NY and take the verazano, Uber will cover your cost back. True or false? Took a pax to Brooklyn via verazano and Uber said they do not reimburse tolls for empty rides.
  13. B

    Long trip rip off

    Hi Guys, I drive in Delaware & PA. Last night I get a rider which indicated a "long trip" ( yah I'm going to Philly, NOT). The designation was Hyattville MD for Newark DE. 127 miles and 1hour & 45 minutes. So I drop off the rider and there I am 127 miles from my permit area to accept riders...
  14. M

    How can we get reimbursed for tolls?

    I've never used a toll lane because I don't want to risk not being reimbursed. Does Uber know when we drive on a toll road and just automatically reimburses us? What about if we just drive in a Peach Pass lane that runs along next to the regular lanes? How does Uber know we drove in a toll...
  15. Novi

    Cashback rms

    Hi, I’m new to ubering and was wondering if anyone knew if RMS allows us to claim cashbacks on non-uber trips or is it that once you become an Uber driver you can’t claim cashbacks at all? Thanks!!
  16. ÜberKraut

    Does Uber EVER include Tolls Automatically?

    According to the App/Web Site we are AUTOMATICALLY to be paid tolls. Uber recommends using my EZ Pass which is what I do. I have yet to receive a payment for tolls AUTOMATICALLY? It took TWO E-MAILS to resolve this issue. PITA! Anyone else have this issue?
  17. RiderOnTheStorm

    HOV Confusion

    There are six HOV/toll roads in NoVa. What are the rules? First question: Does an Uber with a passenger aboard count at all as HOV? There is the driver and the pax. Is that an HOV-2 eligible trip? I had heard that because it's a for-hire situation, that you either cannot use any restricted...
  18. Primeonly27

    Venetian causeway toll Uber theft

    The Venetian causeway toll is $2.25 and Uber is only paying $1.75 contacted them about sent them proof from my sunpass account and they still say they reimbursed me for the toll of $1.75 when it is $2.25. Dose any one know of an attorney and any other drivers get ripped off by Uber on this? Let...
  19. dirtylee

    Collin county toll roads

    I'm seriously getting fed up with that shit. Every single pax that goes to frisco, West plano, little elm, the colony, etc etc. Uber pays tolls on the way out there & not a @@@@ing dime for the way back. Dfw to legacy $2.12. Unless you like the service roads, prepare to lose 2.12 to come...