toll charges

  1. PimpMyRideShare

    E-Z pass routine maintenance

    What's up with EZ-Pass making their system "routinely unavailable due to maintenance". I need to add money to my account and it seems they purposely make it so no one has an option to add money. It's very suspicious to me. It's almost like they want drivers to fall behind to add penalties to...
  2. Sacman08

    Toll violation

    A couple weeks ago I got two different rides on two different days. Both times the Uber app directions (Not Waze or GM) directed me down the new I-75 expressway south. (Not sure if anyone has driven on it but it’s like Hotel California, once your on you can’t leave.) The first trip I didnt...
  3. C

    Did you check the toll reimbursement? Check very well each one that you use the tolls.You loss money

    I have an issue with the toll refund. I drove on the SR-836 Dolphin Expressway Westbound and took the exit Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41/SW 8th Street) and Uber paid me only 0.70$ for the SR-836 Dolphin Expressway and the exit at Tamiami Trail doesn’t paid to me. Please, if you pass for this point...
  4. Ridesharingforyou

    Uber should be paying drivers toll CASH price not EZ tag price

    Uber scam? Rider policy link below states that pax pay cash price.
  5. Jong235

    Tolls are Killing Me

    I don't know what kind of math Uber and Lyft use for charging toll fees to the Pax but it's not accurate. I do see the $2 airport fee but Bush, N tollway and LBJ express lanes rarely show.
  6. Jprime

    Oc tolls not being added automatically

    Seems like for the past couple of months everytime i use the orange county toll roads that Uber isn't adding the toll to the ride automatically anymore. Anybody else having this problem? I'd check your fares if you haven't been paying close attention.
  7. H

    Trip to Philadelphia

    Let me know you guys opinions. Spent about $70 on gas & tolls. Trip was from Wilton, CT at 5:18 and got home at 12pm
  8. ebrain

    Watch Out: Uber did not pay toll for the entire stretch of our most famous toll road here in Dallas

    Picked pax from dowtown Dallas, going all the way to last exist in Frisco. Entered Dallas North Toll Road as suggested by the app where it starts, and existed at very last exit. Checked fare and there was no toll paid by Uber. Just wow!! It was $5.05 toll in my case I just calculated summing up...
  9. ebrain

    Uber not paying DNT toll around Lovefield?

    I picked 3 pax back and forth from Lovefield to Galleria the other day. There is a toll in between (when you get on to DNT North from Mockingbird) but none of the fares reflected this toll. I think it is $0.38 So I got little concerned and started paying attention. Last night I passed through...
  10. financeguy13

    Toll reimbursement was too much

    Uber on!
  11. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    What is your Ezpass replenish amount?

    They raised my ezpass replenish from $95.00 to $170.00..This is a lot to take out every-time i reach that mark, it.s crazy. Does anybody have the same or higher in NJ
  12. B

    What does a toll look like (on Payment Statement)?

    I don't think (?) I've seen tolls on any of my trips. Can someone post a screenshot of what it looks like when Uber "attaches" a toll to a ride? I'm assuming it shows up on the Payment Statement? Thank you!
  13. KevRyde

    It's 4/1/2016 and Lyft is still charging 2015 Toll Rates

    For all you Denver area Lyft lovers, be aware that Lyft has yet to update their system with the higher 2016 toll rates. Note that unlike Uber - who uses the standard camera toll rates when calculating the rider fare - Lyft uses the discounted AVI (transponder) toll rates. Last night I was...
  14. JCHeights

    Tolls on Katy Freeway

    Whenever I can I try to take the tollways since they can be, especially the HOV, far quicker. Twice in the past week I noticed this issue. I was taking separate pax on I10 W and took the tollway when the HOV lanes were open. I have an EZTag so I stay to the left for the HOV lane (I think) so...
  15. ItookurRider

    Toll charges on SRT and PGBT

    Listen up Dallas drivers! Especially North Dallas drivers. After every single shift, I review my rides for toll charges. On Saturday night, I was missing $7.52 in toll charges along the SamRayburnTollway and PresGeorBush. DNT tolls were all correct. Yes I did get all the money back by...