1. Zdriver19

    MD TNO

    Uber notifying me they can't get my TNO renewed and I should email the marylant transportation comission for info. Anybody experiencing this? Bastards sent me yesterday from DC to BWI. After dropping pax, headed to wsiting pen but was not pit in que, my app stated I am not allowed to pickup in MD.
  2. Speedyracer

    Tno license

    I finally got mine. Does anyone have any insight on if it is just for uber? Or can I actually get a hard copy and use it elsewhere?
  3. Zdriver19

    TNO licence

    Where can I print my temporary TNO that Uber got for me?
  4. Wyreless

    New UBER Regs for Maryland Effective 3-1-2016 (TNO License)

    March 1st will be here before you know it so I thought would be smart to post this link to the 3 new requirements that are now required by UBER to drive in Maryland. The way I read this is it doesn't matter if you are registered with UBER DC, UBER Greater Maryland or Annapolis or Baltimore, to...