tnc sticker

  1. Marco Solo

    If I change cars, will I still get rematches before the new TNC sticker arrives?

    If I add a different car to my FUber account and get it inspected, will I still get rematches even though the new car doesn't yet have a TNC windshield sticker? If so, does the Port require a TNC sticker for rematches regardless? Will FUber apply for the new car's TNC sticker on my behalf (as...
  2. dseattle2015

    UBER X Seattle TNC Sticker and For Hire Permit

    All set to drive UBER X in Seattle except for the TNC Sticker and For Hire permit. The Seattle UBER Partner Support office said the processing time is about 5 weeks but that I can drive without it because the paperwork has been filed. I am not sure what to think about this... UBER is eager to...