tnc license

  1. Tford

    TNC question

    I drive but dont have tnc so i only pickup outside beltway. My friend also drives and he has a TNC license . can i use his TNC to upload on the platform. Does uber allow that
  2. William McGiffert

    TNC License for 3 months???

    I got my TNC license on 4/5/16. How can it only be valid until 7/16? What do I have to go through to get it renewed?
  3. Asia

    Rolling around The Woodlands

    Been trying to get uber to give me the OK to go drive The Woodlands area, but they keep telling me I must have a TNC license. Lord knows I have no intention of picking up in the Houston city limits...but is there something dark and mysterious about The Woodlands that a newbie should know about...