tnc insurance

  1. M

    Understand actual insurance cost and coverage

    Folks, Wanted to reach out for some feedback & thoughts around auto insurance coverage. We think TNC insurance is being wildly overpriced in many places & the distribution of the cost of the risks is not equitable - that is the riskier profiles are paying more for it & thereby most of us get...
  2. shadowjos

    Drove two weeks, stopped. TNC insurance in Long Island, NY (NYC Suburbs)

    Hello dear friends, this is my first post. I called it quits yesterday after only two weeks of driving. I did some in depth research about the insurance situation here. My fault for not doing said research prior to beginning. My conclusion and opinion: If you don't have commercial insurance or...
  3. InsuredCool

    TNC, TAXI, & LIMO drivers in Florida consider launching an insurance company 100% policyholder owned

    Between 2015 and 2016 its estimated Uber and Lyft drivers in Florida paid a lowball $104 million dollars in insurance premiums that covered NADA 24/7 is TNC activity was discovered. That $104 million basically paid for the insurance card you keep in your collective gloveboxes. Kinda explains...
  4. Jdemonto

    Ride share insurance

    So I finally had some time to spend on this and believe me it's time consuming! Here's what I found and was pretty surprised at. Being that I have had so many near misses I didn't want my van on my policy any longer. I may upgrade to commercial down the road if I decided to start a company. For...
  5. Adbam

    Arizona get ready to pay more for your insurance March 1st 2016 or get dropped!!!

    I was doing some more research about tnc insurance for az and how it relates to the hb 2135 bill and I found a handy pdf document that the independent insurance brokers of az is giving out. It's a lot easier to understand than reading the bill. Here is a very important part... "As passed by...