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  1. NoNameNoGame

    Is the "Good & Plenty" Plate the Next Virginia Requirement?

    Any time the General Assembly is in session, citizens beware!
  2. @earth_to_jen

    FLORIDA TNC INSURANCE: FAJUA via Insurance Today Group Sunshine State steps up to plate

    Florida Auto Joint Underwriters Association are just waiting for the ink to dry on their brand new personal policy that covers TNC drivers:) Waiting on clarification from our Rideshare Insurance Agent for Florida, but it looks like 24/7 pip available. Also waiting on clarification to see if...
  3. Michael - Cleveland

    The new Ohio TNC law as codified in the Ohio Revised Code

    Ohio ORC TNC REGS - Effect. 23 Mar 2016 3942.01 [Effective 3/23/2016] Definitions. As used in this chapter: (A) "Automobile insurance policy" has the same meaning as in section 3937.30 of the Revised Code. (B) "Chauffeured limousine" has the same meaning as in...
  4. @earth_to_jen

    Start Uber Driver Email Campain to Florida Legislators

    Well, the Florida TNC bill didnt pass as we all know. The real reason? Senator Simmons said ex. Uber insurance had to cover when a driver picked up a fare from Miami going to Palm Beach all the way until the driver returned to Miami. Its commercial time. Driver would not be on road if it...
  5. @earth_to_jen

    Do you want a Florida TNC Bill to Force Independent Contractor Status on you?

    The Uber bill didnt pass. Lets get our ducks in a row and make sure when it does the Bill is pro Uber Drivers, not just Pro Uber and Insurance Companies. We need to tell regulators to abolish language forcing us to be Independent Contractors. Uber put that in there specifically to block us from...
  6. @earth_to_jen

    Attn All Florida Uber Drivers TNC Bill

    NO UBER LOVE for DRIVERS Florida's TNC drivers live with the daily fear their personal auto insurer will discover they are an Uber driver. And cancel their policy. And maybe blacklist them. Or worse, have an on or off app accident with both Uber & Geico etc denying their medical & car repairs...
  7. chi1cabby

    Ohio TNC Bill | Language on Insurance Coverage & Employee vs IC Classification Legislation Text As Passed By House [ PDF ] Primary 'App-On' Insurance is Required. Personal Auto Insurance can exclude coverage.