tlc plates

  1. CesarNYC

    What's your thoughts on pricing for TLC plates?

    So I have 2 questions: 1. Does Uber own/operate this website/chatroom? 2. Hypothetically, if a person were to try and value their TLC plates, what value would be a fair market value even though the TLC doesn't allow drivers to sell/plates?* *The above statement is not a solicitation for...
  2. Vishnu643

    How much does TLC PLATES cost

    so you already know I do Uber and ALREADY have almost a year's footing in the game so this isn't the new guy asking how do I infiltrate and become another ant in the elephant's hut. SO hold your jeers people. I'm simply trying to figure out how much it cost for transfer plates from private to...
  3. U

    I need an advice

    Hi Uber people. I am new in Uber. I have a question which most of you might know. I will rent for a few weeks. I am making the math how long should I consider to rent before I use my own car which I just bought. I have to wait for the registration as a temporary registration is given by the...
  4. U

    tlc plates delemma. please assist

    i currently bought out my lease and its currently fiance through Toyota fin. i got all the docs needed to get tlc plates. i went to dmv last week and they ask me for title. i don"t have title because there is a lien on it. i have to wait for the dealer to send the application in the Albany and...
  5. T

    Tlc plates

    I bought a vehicle yesterday. I can't register for tlc plate. Because I only got temporary registration
  6. J

    Apply TlC plate while waiting the fhv in the mail

    anybody know if i can start plating tlc my car while waiting my FHV license arrived at mailbox?
  7. inshurWhiz

    INSHUR - new TLC insurance app live in NYC

    We just launched our INSHUR TLC insurance app in New York City. Drivers can now download the free app, take a picture of their TLC license and instantly receive quotes from top carriers. Best of all, you can purchase the policy straight from the app and your documents are kept securely saved. We...
  8. U

    tlc car questions NYC

    Hello, I am a student and I've been researching uber for the past two days non stop and thinking of joining after I get my tlc license and everything. 1) whats the oldest care year you can have? IN NYC.. 2009 or 2011? (I've head both) I read something about the only tlc cars that can exist in...