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  1. Risab1981

    Michelin Tire Brand Alternatives?

    I am looking for new tires for my 2015 AWD Suv. I will be keeping the car for a long time, so tread life is important. It's also LUX/Select, so low road noise/comfort is a must as well. I have been researching and: -Michelin Defenders seem to be the best choice, but they look very "truck...
  2. J

    All season tires

    Does any Uber driver know where I can pick up tires for my car? I don’t want to pay a hefty price looking for new but cheap.
  3. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Anyone take off their snow tires yet?

    Hello community, As per PTC licence, we are suppose to keep the tires on until April 30. If I take off my snow tires tomorrow, will i likely get "caught" by a by law officer in Toronto or Mississauga for not having the snow tires on?
  4. Uboo

    Costco tires?

    Anybody know if this Michelin deal Costco is offering right now is a good deal?
  5. Pax Collector


    So, currently shopping around for new tires in the South Bay. Any suggestions?
  6. Fostel

    USED Tyres. What do you do with them?

    They clutter up my garage so, decided to get rid of them. Researched local council web page just to find out that they are not taking them even when I wish to pay environmental fee. I think current rate is around 80p per rubber but some companies online charge 20 quid for shredding one tyre...
  7. Chargersrt10

    Winter Tire Season is Coming

    Snow Tire season is rapidly approaching folks. I'm having mine put on today. Better early then after the 1st snowfall. A Friendly Reminder to all Uber Drivers about the Uber PTC Winter Tire Rules. https://www.uber.com/en-CA/drive/toronto/resources/snow-tires/ Winter driving requirement...
  8. randrace

    Need a tire repair recommendation near Los Feliz

    I just popped a tire after I hit a curb. Got a spare on now. Done for the night. Anyone have a tire place they like near Los Feliz/Silver lake/Echo Park/Hollywood that's open on a Sunday morning?
  9. AZ-XOEM

    ►Vandalism or Violence?

    Recently had ( 3 ) nails spiked into my rear tires,... stopped in at QuikTrip to drain a kidney and, grab some lunch,... -came out with two flat tires. Has anyone else in Phoenix had this problem? Random Vandalism? A Bad Apple from one of the other Cab companies in/around Phoenix? ...or...
  10. J

    What is the best place to get new tires ??

    So i see the uber rewards section with assorted places and deals. Queston is are any of these worth while, or should i just shop for the best deal without worrying about Uber deals? I'm very skeptical so any thoughts ?
  11. boo1996

    very good condition used tyre @ low price

    Hi guys! Please send me at PM about the size you are looking for. I will gladly get you good condition branded used tyres. at least 70% guaranteed. eg. 195/65/15 , 205/55/16 etc.. thanks!
  12. Xgmoney666x

    Tire advice

    What tires do you guys reccomend? I've been reading good things about Sumitomo HTR III & Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season. What kind do you guys prefer ?