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  1. Kat.from.New.Jersey


    If you were far from home and needed to take a nap in your car, maybe sometime tgis summer at the Jersey Shore.. where would you like you park and get some shut eye?
  2. BurgerTiime

    After a string of fatal accidents, Uber implements driver safety feature forcing breaks after 12hrs

    http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/uber-driver-charged-over-passenger-death/news-story/d0477e2ab2c373e13ee16d4f116a7ede Expect this to go global as accidents are on the rise. New Uber feature forcing drivers off the road UBER has announced a policy that will force drivers to take breaks...
  3. Uruber

    Cities no longer liking it....

    If you are one of those drivers that drive long hours and take some naps to rest up and continue, be careful where you park, read the signs, or you may wake up having a ticket to pay for that nap.Maybe it is old news but it is new to me so I wanted to share it, I found this one yesterday.
  4. RUSSREED2.0

    Precious Naps and Kekelo

    Ok, so one thing I think KekeLo knows about RUSSREED2.0 I nap, Like crazy. Just ask her. I guess my question is: DO YOU NAP ( UBER WORLD )?! How long?! Has your sleep schedule changed?!!
  5. Reversoul

    Today was a struggle

    I spent about 8 hours in total on the road today with very little to show for it. Pings were few and far between. I only ended up with $99 and then subtract about $10 for gas. Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my back so it made today all the more unbearable. Normally I would just go home on a...
  6. Xgmoney666x

    Is it too early to be burned out this week?

    I know it's only Saturday, but Im already tired of driving this week. Since yesterday I found myself running out of patience and being burned out. Maybe it's because I haven't had my daily Starbucks coffee (which has 3x amount of caffeine of a Redbull) or could be that I'm only used...
  7. R

    University Survey on Transit Integration

    Hey everyone! Tired of waiting for passengers at the train station? Below is a university survey about integrating transit information with the Uber app. Your input would be greatly appreciated! http://goo.gl/forms/mRO2x8nKlc