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  1. New2This

    "Tipped" by an Uber rider while on a Lyft Ride

    It's around 1:00 A.M. I'm tired. Set both Lyft and Uber DF for Woodbridge so I can get a ride in the general direction of home, i.e. VA and not someone going to Hyattsville or College Park. In comes a 1.2X Pool (ExpressPool it turns out). I accept when a 75% PT Lyft comes in about 2 blocks...
  2. Roos

    Should I consider it as tips?

    Having found it tonight before started my shift. It was under front passenger's seat. I don't have any idea who could drop it and when. Now I have no clue what is it and what to do with it. Is it cocaine, amphetamine or heroine? What would you do?
  3. SuzeCB

    I cheapest out yesterday...

    ...and took Lyft Line rides to get to and from Downtown Newark... The rates were a full $5 below the price of Lyft or Uber X... Distance was 5.3 miles. Travel time was about 20 minutes. We picked up people along the way, and I didn't complain. That's why it was about $5 cheaper in price. PT was...
  4. 0

    Lyft Hub Employees- commuter benefits hurt us?

    I hate to complain, but wonder if anyone else notices this: Lyft employees get free commute rides (a perk of working g there) and DONT TIP! When I worked in a bar I would sometimes go in on my day off. Yup, ide get a free drink or two. And YES I would tip VERY WELL. I thought this was common...
  5. Rickshaw

    Rating= Another Moneymaker?

    Disclaimer: "Not that I'm doing it." We all know the rating system is s*** . Setting aside that this is cheating other drivers who rely on (the "integrity" of ) ratings, can I "sell" 5-star ratings (for tips) to my riders, is this a violation of TOS?
  6. Mista T

    Fiddy cent

    Who the F leaves a fifty cent tip? Why even bother?
  7. StephenT

    Tip amounts

    I am truly thankful for tips. Just a $1 on each can change an hourly from ~$12/hr to $15. Sadly, I average on good weeks about 1 tip every 5 rides. The $1-$4 cash tip will always be king, but getting that $1 or $3 in-app tip is nice too. I've had some weird tips in the last couple weeks, $3.18...
  8. Mista T

    A lucky tip day

    Maybe I should drive days more often
  9. Betty Bop

    What is up with waiting to upgrade to receive tips

    Hi there. I am a newer ubereats driver. I was wondering why I wasn't receiving tips for my first 20 or so trips. I checked the driver site and it didn't mention any where that you had to complete a certain number of trips to receive tips. 20 trips for feedback but it doesn't mention tips. It...
  10. Mista T

    Pre-Friday stats

    About to start my weekend driving. So far (Mon - Wed, did not drive Thurs) I have given 16 rides on Uber, and received a whopping $1 in in-app tip. 32 rides on Lyft, 16 in-app tippers, $44 total. That's a 6% tipping ratio on Uber and 50% on Lyft. Yikes! Wonder which I will favor if I get...
  11. Mista T

    Is this for real?

    No cash tips allowed by city law? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://amp.argusleader.com/amp/335642002&ved=0ahUKEwifirrz-qjZAhVS4WMKHaD2CC0QqUMIOzAJ&usg=AOvVaw17Z0Ddya9mJ_a9b5HSW45m
  12. GruveRecords

    The Future of Delivery: Just delivered 7 Pizzas 7 miles to a 7,000 sq foot home and...

    No Tip. It was $150 worth of Pizza from an expensive Italian joint. This is the future of delivery Pizza boys.... And, a funny thing happened shortly thereafter... I delivered a single bag order to a trailer park and got a $20 tip. I actually had this post typed out before receiving...
  13. Mista T

    A humbling tip

    Went to pick up a guy today, there was a woman with a couple bags waiting. Driving her along, she was clearly unfamiliar with the rideshare process. Asked me if the guy who ordered it had already paid, etc. I told her that he was paying for the ride but if she wanted to give a cash tip that was...
  14. GruveRecords

    Story from today: Yelled at for interrupting halftime show

    This was a good one... Was on my merry way to drop off some Sushi to some Rich Fatso's crib. While waiting to get into his gated community, guard tried calling him 3 times. He answers on the 3rd ring and I overhear "JUST LET HIM IN" CLICK..Could tell he was in a pleasant mood. Upon arrival...
  15. Roos

    Lyft: 4 star and less for non-tippers.

    As you know Lyft has implemented the new feature of riders rating. Now you're able to rate your pax within 24 hours after you dropped him/her off. Since that moment, I've been rating any cheap pax 4* next day. I recommend you to do the same and in couple of months only tippers will have 4.9 rating
  16. SpaceMonkeyMafia

    "How do I pay you?"

    Last week during the HVAC convention I drove PAX from out of town from downtown to McCormick (10 min ride). At the end he asked me "how do I pay you"? I politely told him his credit card is linked to the account and he will see it bounce off of his card that he has on file. He then asks "what...
  17. Marco Solo

    What was your biggest tip? Please share the outstanding customer service that prompted it.

    I'm sure mine is at the low end...$60 for returning something I found in my car.
  18. Marco Solo

    Do tip jars work?

    I've read that they do, but installing one in my car is problematic: I only have a cup holder between my seat and the front passenger seat. Assuming that is the best place for a tip jar (close to you, where it can't be stolen or opened), any tip jar would have to have a base that fits into my...
  19. VictorUBLY

    NO Tips at all...

    I know it must be a recurrent subject but I've been driving in Miami for about 3 month now full time. I open doors when I can always help with luggage and bags and still no tip especially big money tourists i pick in super expensive condos by the beach to the airport. Its really frustrating...
  20. janewalch

    I’ll tip you in the app

    PLEASE stop saying this if you’re not going to tip. This is by biggest petpeave. Had a pax who was running late for a flight at 8am on a Thursday. Insane traffic. He was going to miss his fight. GPS said 1 hour and 11 minutes. Got him there in 49 minutes. He kept saying how much of a blessing it...