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  1. johnnyspack

    Why no tipping option?

    If Uber won't lower commissions or increase fare rates why don't they offer a tipping option on all fares for good service like they do in other countries? I know it's not in our Australian culture to tip, but some would and anything helps!!
  2. Bpr2

    Dark humor Thread. Post yours.

  3. Initial D

    Next Level Non-Tipping UberEats Customer (pic included)

    This cheap UberEats customer doesn't even want to acknowledge my existence/make eye-contact. Instructions said "Only knock twice and leave it at door steps". This is so hilarious.
  4. Gary Staley

    Even More BS - Tips

    Well, I am a relative noob, I have about 250 rides under my belt. I have noticed a steep drop off in tips. Then I had one customer tell me, and another send it in weekly feedback, "I'd like to tip you, but the app won't let me" As I seem to still get some tips, so this might be intermittent...
  5. Guapito

    Scheduled rides are a bad deal for drivers

    When a rider schedules a ride ahead of time, uber charged them a high service fee. Not only does the driver not get any benefit from taking a scheduled trip, they most likely lose out on a tip, because of the higher charge, they are not likely to tip. So uber ends up with a higher fee, the rider...
  6. N

    13 Tips in a Row!

    I've been doing a lot of airport runs for a few days at Logan (to/from) and got a few good scheduled rides in between. Hit a milestone of 13 tips in a row before the streak was broken by some millennial cheap ass who complained about me taking 90W instead of Storrow. Oh well, the extra $8 in...
  7. A

    Tipping before end of a trip

    A while ago Uber introduces a new feature, a rider can tip a driver before trip ends. I am getting (in average) a $1 tip every 25-30 rides. But all these tips were applied after the trip is over. Question. Does anybody get a tip **before** end of a trip? How does it show up on your app's screen...
  8. LVcool

    Strippers are Not Tippers

    I drove three in a row home the other morning. Little Darlings, Rhino, Spearmint. Not a dollar cash or ap from any of them. I’m also surprised at the low percentage of bartenders who tip. Wait Staff and Bus people do better. I worked as a bartender for many years and I’ve tipped back hundreds...
  9. S

    Weekly Report

    Earnings: $171.09 Tips: $2.00 Bonuses" $4.63 Cancel Earnings: $6.00 Express Pay Fee -$3.00 Gas: -$75 Car expenses/maintenance - $1,000's When is Uber/Lyft going to do something about the @@@@ing tips? This is costing me money. Gas is $3/gallon. You can't make enough to pay for gas. Ride...
  10. GruveRecords

    UberEats Support acknowledging a problem with the tipping

    Just saw this on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/UberEATS/comments/8v2qpp/i_havent_been_able_to_tip_the_person_for_the_past/
  11. CahalM

    NO TIPS SOLVED????!!!!!

    I just watched a video on the Paid to drive YouTube channel and I think he has discovered something HUGE about the whole tipping issue!!!! It appears that if an Uber/ Uber Eats driver has a rating BELOW 95% then when the customer is rating their experience the tipping option DISAPPEARS...
  12. asterix

    XFinity Theater Pickups

    What tips do you guys have for picking up pax from the xfinity theater? The DMB concert this past weekend was a total shitshow, not sure how to avoid the gridlock next time
  13. Mike887

    Some People Still Tip!!!

    I had given up on receiving tips. Then just when I gave up tips started flying. I worked three days Friday Saturday Sunday and receive $55 tips. I’ll take it!
  14. WildflowerRunner

    Can't Take Cash Tip

    I ordered tonight through UberEats, and as always, I tipped in cash. The woman wouldn't take the tip! She told me she's not allowed to take a cash tip and it has to go through the app. I didn't bother arguing with her or letting her know I drive, too, and take cash tips all the time, because my...
  15. S

    I ordered from uber eats and

    After i rated the driver and food i entered the tip and it never went through, didn't show up on my bank account only the actually amount of the meal, must be some big glitch, so my question is I wonder how many other people this happeneds to....
  16. warrior lady

    50 Cents Tip... WTH!!!!

    Why even bother tipping???... Maybe he was drunk and meant 5.00???
  17. fasteddy

    TIPS are not showing up in App?

    I normally get 50-75% of the riders tip. On two separate days now 20 rides both days and zero tips? Anybody else not getting tips that are not showing in the pay?
  18. mrDEE630

    Tip issue?!

    anyone else having issues with uber tips? I haven’t had a single tip on uber all weekend, I understand passengers are cheap but none over 25+ rides seems strange. And I’ve had quite a few people say they were going to tip. Again, I fully understand that a lot of people say that and don’t, but...
  19. Mista T

    Nice gift from pax

    Picked up a couple pax heading to dinner. Subject of marijuana came up (legal in my state). They offered to smoke me out... "No, thank you, I have many hours of driving ahead of me, can't take that chance, but if you have any extra to donate for when I get off work, I love those alternative...
  20. dogmeat

    Just had the unthinkable...

    Can you believe it? Two tips in a row. ;)