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  1. UberwithStuber

    A First!

    A double tip! Picked up an older couple at a bar in Brandon, drove them home on what I thought would be a typical $3.19 er. Just chit chatting about the usual, and as they leave, pax hands me a couple of bucks. "Thank You sir, and good night!" When I get home, I see another $3.00 tip through...
  2. U

    Tips, tips, tips

    You all need to start asking for tips. I put up a little sign "Be it a one-er or a fiver, feel free to tip the driver." I get WAY more tips with the sign than without. Every now and then someone says they're not supposed to tip, or there's no app for tipping, or GHAST...another driver said NOT...
  3. MachoVan


    I know that Uber riders are told that tips aren't necessary and that drivers are supposed to refuse tips at least once before accepting them but come on! Just curious if anyone here has come up with a clever, round about way to encourage tipping. Would Uber deactivate me if they found out that...