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  1. UberReallySucks

    Uber Reiterates No Need To Tip Drivers Policy

    Uber affirms tipping drivers 'is not expected or required' In most parts of the world, tipping for certain services has been a long-standing tradition. Still, Uber made sure that was never the case between its riders and drivers, unless a yellow taxi was involved. But after a recent $100...
  2. Newwber

    Wouldn't it be nice...... if there were a website - specifice to explaining the tip debacle??

    This could be done quite easily and cheaply by someone with basic coding skills and/or web design acumen. Of course having a short yet comprehensive website that professionally, rationally and clearly explains the "truth" behind Uber's tipping policy is a complete waste - if nobody ever visits...
  3. C

    Uber now pays for your gas according to a 1 star rider

    I picked up a rider, and she tells me how Uber is so great for people across the world, she said all she has to do is go to her APP touch a button and a car comes within minutes. She likes how the fare is so cheap and that she never has to tip because a tip is always included in the fare. Then...